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by - February 02, 2018

16 years ago today I was third-wheeling, hitching a ride to a volleyball tournament with my good friend Annie and her husband, Jason.
16 years ago I didn't even think I could go because I was living pay cheque to pay cheque on my 1st year teachers' salary.  I feel like I was only bringing home 1800$ a month and with a car payment and fashion to buy, I could barely make it.
16 years ago I was even living at my parents' home whilst attempting to edumacate their son.
16 years ago, 02-02-02  changed everything for a 22 year old, fresh faced me.
16 years ago today I re-met my Dan, a guy I had always known of but never paid attention to.  But, with us both being freshly single and very much into each other. that weekend.
 Fate could not be stopped.

Here's a little something from the vault to look back at our relationship 16 years ago:
ps. Dan has a weird sense of humour.


Jimmy's Got a Gun:  March 25, 2002

Due to the inapropriate subject of this email, this letter has been marked 
by the NSA and CIA and has been traced both to the sender and the receiver.  
The both of us are now under investigation and have been marked for 

Scary huh?!  No worried though.  Our Canadian counter-intelligence unit (The 
Mounties) will someday hear of our murders and send mounted troops charging 
across the border.  If we are lucky, they will be able to trample some grass 
before being blown to bits.  They WILL avenge us.

For real, I miss you too much.  It's monday and all I can think about is the 
next time I get to see you.


By the way....I told Monique that we'd go on a double date with her and 
Travis.  She wants to go glow bowling.  I'm sorry I didn't consult you first 
but I figured you'd be up for it.  Even though T-boy doesn't talk much, I'll 
still have fun......KICKING YOUR ASS!!!!!!!

Anyway, I'll hopefully MSN you later today.  And if not, I'll be waiting by 
the phone for my princess to call.

oh yeah, one more thing......

U R OCK!!!!!

miss you,


16 years ago we had MSN, long distance phone calls and long waits to see each other while we were living in different cities.  But we made it work and not long after we got engaged and I moved to Saskatoon.
I love being able to look back on our ridiculous emails, it makes me remember a much younger love.  While many things have changed in the 16 years together, somehow I feel that love hasn't.  Dan still sends me emails like this in between of the responsible adult ones.  We still goof around and are rarely serious.  I think we still have a very strong relationship 16 years later.

At my Grandpa's 75th bday party

I had an interesting conversation with the girls this past weekend in Seattle about relationships and how good relationships can be when it was the guy doing the aggressive pursuing and who is absolutely crazy about the girl from the get-go through to present tense.  It made me think of my history with Dan and made me wonder if that's why we work so well.  He is just as crazy for me as he was 16 years ago and I have never felt like I have been off his pedestal.  I think my mom and dad even said something to that point in our wedding speech: they never had to worry about Dan.  The guy is crazy loyal and clearly nuts about me.  Who knows.  Maybe that isn't the key to a successful relationship, but I think it definitely helps.

As for me, I love the guy as much as I did the minute he was mine 16 years ago and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  He is just as high on my pedestal as I am on his.

The night we got engaged.  Story of our engagement to come next week

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  1. Being able to laugh together and holding one another in such high esteem are two of the most important factors in a successful, long term, loving relationship. You two are clearly perfect together, you found your soulmate! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Happy Anniversary, you two make my heart sing! We are blessed girls because I have a Mr.Nine who puts me on the pedestal too, calls me beautiful everyday and I do the same for him, people do not realize what appreciation of the other person truly does!! LOVE you both and I haven't even met Mr. S! xo

  3. Pictures of Dan with hair... weird. ha!

  4. I love your love story. And Dan's sense of humor.

  5. Aww, I teared up a little bit reading this post. You guys are a true inspiration!

  6. No more disqus?
    You and Dan are the cutest!!!!!

  7. Somehow these pictures all end up in the hands of my colleagues and I get to endure months of ridicule about hair and being so old I used MSN...

  8. Sweet love story. I love the old pics of you two.

  9. That email just cracked me up. I love it. Love this love story, friend!


Have a lovely day!