A Week Off

by - February 22, 2018

I suppose my ideal Feb break hasn't gone exactly how I envisioned: my to-do was lengthy and well thought out and I had the time.
Except I didn't.
I kinda underestimated how much time running to swimming lessons twice a day would be, especially living out of town and I also discounted the fact that I was so over running around and being busy that I would want to just sit and be still instead of being super motivated to get shit done.

So ya, its the last day of the break and I have done nothing about it.

I don't do bored well, but I must say I have done relaxed very well over the break.  Here is a rundown of how we spent our time:

  • 9-1015 and 1-215 at the pool every day for kids' swimming lessons.
  • 1 meeting for the cabinet planning at the house. I have some serious homework to do soon in regards to the new closet.
  • 1 Lucia down with a nasty fever.
  • 1 Willis down with a weirdass rash from all the swimming. To clarify, the rash is not on his ass but on his arms from the front crawl.
  • 1 workout at Orange Theory
  • 1 supply shopping trip for our upcoming Murder Mystery Party
  • 1 book kinda read (haven't been much into reading)
  • 1 season of the Office watched- I'm on a quest to rewatch the series.
  • I actually watched some Olympics- notably loving the Tessa and Scott Ice Dance.
  • 1 desk bought because I'm tired of being unorganized.
  • I got very excited talking Blue Jays with my broinlaw and can't wait to watch the first Jays' spring training game later today
  • A couple nights contemplating the future of this blog.
  • Way too much time spent indoors because it was as cold as fuck outside. Sorry, I get punchy when I'm stir crazy.
And even though I didn't do all the things I wanted to, I do feel rested and quite happy with how our February Break worked itself out.


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  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the rash clears up for Willis and Lucia feels better! Wish I could send some of this sunshine and heat your way!

  2. 2 trips to the pool a day.... yuck! Looks like you managed to have some fun while there so that must count for something!

  3. Girl, you are too cute and I like it when you get punchy. Hope everyone feels great this weekend. Sooo excited to be hearing more about the house project!

  4. Glad that spring training is here. Love my A's. Bought some tickets to Padres/Mets game in April, really looking forward to heading down to San Diego to see Petco Park again.

  5. Hope the kids are feeling better. We've been watching tons of Olympics, and I've been cheering more for the Canadians than anyone else. Mostly because I like their outfits!

  6. JAYS!
    ALL THE THINGS! - but not the sick kids, sick kids are the WORST. UGH.
    Can you move closer? It would be waaaaay easier to hang out if you were a little closer and I need me a girls night out. Just sayin'

  7. Hope Lucia is feeling better. It seems like you guys had a pretty chill week which is often all I want/need from the Feb. break. Back to the grind today, good luck getting everyone up and out of the house.

  8. Hope the kids are feeling better. It's always nice to take a week off. I never got into the office, I feel like it's too much like my everyday life and when I go home I don't want to think about work, haha!


Have a lovely day!