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by - February 15, 2018

My week :

I can't seem to stay healthy this winter.  When I get sick, I get this cough that I swear when I'm 80 will break my ribs.  I just want to sleep.  And not pee my pants every time I cough. Is that too much to ask? 

I know my sister probably feels bad asking, but I love watching my niece and nephew while she's coaching the big girls during ringette.  I love that they have cards and colouring books and no electronics. I also love listening to Jamison play Uno. 

That's a lot of boob for a photo, but whatever. I am going to embrace 39 this year and love my body and not criticize myself as much as I usually do.  Except what is going on with my lips? Anyway, I tried the sauna this week to sweat out the cough and then had a thought that maybe I should be putting a steam shower into our new house- there's still time before they finalize plans...I took to Instagram and people seemed to think I should.  Any thoughts?

Willis and his track team won an exciting silver medal this week- I love watching him compete.  The thing about Willis is that he has been gifted with that natural Simair athletic prowess (and Park speed)- I am getting used to him being good at a lot of things, so I look forward to watching his skills unfold.  Then there's Lucia who is not as driven as Willis was at that age.   I can't wait to see what her passions will be!

Finally, most exciting point from the week- I took a fashion picture outside in the -40 blowing snow.  Nope. Wait. It wasn't that.  It's that I have officially resigned from my position as a part time cyber teacher and as of June 29, I will be unemployed!  It was a hard decision as for 15 years being a French teacher has been a huge part of my identity and I had a hard time letting go- but I am ready. So yay!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good for you saying goodbye to your job - you'll have more time for the next exciting thing that comes your way! I say yes to the steam shower in the new house!!!

  2. I am prone to that cough too and it is soooo awful! I have to get some strong narcotics in me when it happens. And a steam shower sounds like a wonderful idea. And giving up your job- serious! But yay 😀

  3. Yay for bringing on new and better things! And that last picture of you, miss you lady! I'm sick again too...boo! I don't even have the cold weather the blame either. I love watching what the kids are interested in and what they want to learn, it's fascinating. Baby Fox saw Giant Slalom and said that's what he wants to do...I guess that is better than the snowboard half pipe or snoboard slopestyle?

  4. I'm sorry you've been sick! I had a cough for about ten months after I had pneumonia last year and it was the worst. Yep, you read that right, ten months!

  5. Look at your cute little mini Dan! And I want that sweater and the jeans and the hat. All of it.

  6. Yay Willis! Friend we have been in the same exact boat this winter and it has STUNK. My kids have been sicker more this year, than the rest of their life combined. We are so over it.


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