Deena, the resolution forgetter


I make, I break.
I start, I quit.
or more likely, I forget.

If something doesn't keep my attention for long enough, it doesn't stick.  And thanks to this blog, I have a way to look back and realize when something isn't working.  Like in 2013- that goal lasted maybe 3 minutes.  Or my one goal in 2016 that I had forgotten about the next day.  Speaking of which, after I composed this post, I thought it looked boring without pictures, so I'm going to jazz it up with pictures from that I have found in my January 2016 folder.

Clearly I was feeling snarky in 2016.   I guess nothing changes.

Anyway back to my point,  I'm breaking up with new years' resolutions or year-long personal goals in general.  I have a problem seeing and planning for big picture, so why torture myself with something I know isn't going to work.

My last years' goals were on the right track.  I had given each month a specific goal to work towards but the problem was that I got 3 months in and life got busy and I lost track.  I also had 3 different planners going handling budget and blogging and was organizational overload.

So for 2018 I decided to throw the pressure of resolutions and goals out the window.  I am simply going to continue working on a better me.  Sometimes I'm motivated and sometimes I'm not and I have decided that as long as I'm striving for personal awesomeness, then that's good enough for me.

Here is what is on my foreseeable future to-do list:

  • Fitness: Up my Orange Theory Classes to 2 a week, add more yoga and 1 swim a week.
  • Spiritual: Meditate in the am, go to church more.
  • Creativity: Work on blog content that reflects who I am: an ever-changing creative monster.  Don't get stuck in the scheduled monotony of posts.  Write what I want when I want.
  • Personal: Don't buy a shit-ton of clothes or shoes because I don't need them or wear them.  Spend less time on social media.
  • Home: Work on purging and organizing the basement.

So we'll see how 2018 works in terms of doing things my's hoping.
Linking up with the ladies on the Blended Blog today as we talk New Years' Resolutions.

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