Christmas 3

by - January 07, 2018

Alas, our marathon that was the holidays this year is done and I find myself in bed, feeling sick as I write this.  So either I went to hard over the holidays and the sugar has done a number on my stomach, or I have caught the bug that mom and dad had and I can't look at food because of that.  Either way, I'm in bed and happily resting.

We just got back from 2 days at my parents for our 2nd Christmas with my family.  It was so nice to be surrounded by my people and I enjoyed 2 days of cards, food and laughter.  Here are some of my fave pictures:

Thankfully, it was warmer than last week so we were able to go outside and enjoy the snow.  Grandma took the kids toboganning and Grandpa had the snowmobile out.

We then spent the day today in Saskatoon celebrating the two milestone birthdays with Jen turning 30 tomorrow and my mom turning 60 on Tuesday!

It was a great weekend to wrap up the holidays and now I look forward to back to school and routine!

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Have a lovely day!