November #s and December TbbAsks

by - December 04, 2017

Having double fun today with TBBASKS and my month in review with numbers.  Let's start with the questions.

1.  Real or Fake Tree: Both. Don't tell my husband but I seriously could have a tree in each room.  I am possibly ambianceobsessed.

2.  Fave Cmas Cookie: My grandma's whipped shortbread. See recipe here
3.  Our cmas plans change every year - this year we are hosting and will travel in the new year when Rob and Jen come home.  I love hosting but I equally love going back home for Christmas.
4. Warm clear lights in the house upstairs- the downstairs and outside decor is colourful.  I have moments where I want to bring in the colour but I love the coziness of the warm clear lights.
5. Cmas cards are sent out next week.  I am going to try to write on all my cards this year.  I also do a year end video in review, which I should really start.
6.  Fave Cmas present received: last year we did DIY gifts and my dad made me this insane picnic table that turns into a bench.  But my other favourite was when Dan gave me two tickets to Jays opening day and told me to bring a friend.

7.  Fave Cmas present given: I love gift-giving so I'm gonna say all of them.
8. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care...we don't really put gifts in them though.  Once upon a time we did.
9. Cmas PJs are worn daily starting Nov 25th.  I wear them more than clothes and in fact, I've been in them for 22 hours today.
10. Silent Night or Oh HOly Night are my all time fave Cmas carols.
11. Fave Holiday Tradition:  Christmas Eve mass and Réveillon after.
12. Early shopper all the way. I had crowded parknig lots and crazy people.  I'd much rather loiter during the holiday season.
13. Fave cmas movie: Love Actually- they're actually doing a One-Nighter in town next week...10$ to see it in the VIP theatre SOOOOOO excited!
14. Fave HOliday beverage: Eggnog and rum
15. Cookies, Milk and a carrot for Santa.

'Tis time for my last numbers link up, which I want be doing in the new year, just trying to keep life simple...less that I feel I have to do in order to make room for more of what I want to do- which I have no clue what that is comprised of, but whatever, you get my drift.

November flew by for me and it was a fantastic month- I'm going to try to focus on the awesome that occurred in the past 30 days.

1 trip to Vegas with 5 blogger friends where we saw 2 amazing performers (Britney & Elton) and spent 93918201928$ at Kate Spade alone.

2 trips for the new year booked: 1 to Montreal to see Pink with my sister. This trip turned into a big kid trip with the hubby, my sister and her husband and my brother and his wife. I am so excited for this trip to see Pink, to see the Jays play a pre-season game but mostly to see my second family.  I haven't been to Montreal since our honeymoon 13 years ago.  The second trip is to Australia...we'll be going for around 2 weeks at the beginning of the school year.

1 truck for acreage life.  We actually used to have a truck (the one with the mice in the roof last year) but then traded it in and got cars. Now we've realized how much we'll be needing a truck for the new acreage so Dan is a truckman now. 

3 days spent decorating house for Christmas.
All the presents bought.
0 more energy left for blogging tonight.  Ah well, that's a wrap

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