Friday thoughts

by - December 08, 2017

We're on day 7 of being a sick house.  I'm not going to lie, it has been kinda nice cancelling all activities and just resting, but its starting to get old and I'd like my energy back.  It's my turn with 'Tinkerbell'- the adorable bell Lucia made with her grandparents.  Except when I ring it, no one comes running. I wish my mom was in Saskatoon to take care of me.

Tonight we have our annual Girls' Christmas exchange which we've been doing for eons. We tend to pick a theme for our the past we've done for the home, accessories and such. This year the theme is 'local'.  I can't wait for a night of catching up with my besties.

Despite being mostly bed ridden, I am in full planning mode for cmas.  This week I tackled the baking and alcohol supplies (the baking of the baking comes this weekend) and then next week shall be meal prep (that which can be done early) and decor (table settings for cmas meal).

With so much down time, we have been enjoying Christmas movies galore....mostly I can't wait for Monday - there's a huge group of us going to the VIP cinema to see Love Actually.

I'm currently reading books #58 and #59 of the year.  My goal for 2017 was 50 but now I've changed it to 60.  I'll do a review next week along with a gift guide showing you what I got the kids for cmas this year.

I feel like I've been staring at my house plans for ages...we're on to electrical and lighting things like that. Also switching up the basement arrangement.  I can really visualize this place now and have started doing furniture placement.  Can't wait to get this going! I need to find a place for our Cmas village- I saw this on FB and decided it's my goal...

That's all I got. Here's to hoping on a healthy house soon so my body can keep up with all the excitement and go-getterness for the holidays hat I have brewing.

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Have a lovely day!