Friday 5

by - December 01, 2017

I feel like September and October were whirlwind months for me with tons of change and challenges coming my way.  I felt so emotionally and mentally exhausted by the end of October that I was either going to have a breakdown of sorts or I needed a getaway.  So getaway it was to Vegas with blogging friends to see Britney.  That worked like magic and as a direct result, I have been relaxed, calm and composed for November.  Which is perfect because I want December to be nothing but calm and peace and cookies and hot chocolate.   Little did I know how profound the results would be from simplifying my life.  By taking a step back from anything extra curricular, like blogging and social media and by spending more time with my kids and working out more, things are looking up.

So I thought for my Friday 5 today, I would share 5 things I did in November to prepare my heart for the season of Advent.

1) Permit myself to fail.   I can't do it all, I shouldn't have to do it all and it's okay to be a gong show once in awhile.  What matters is that my kids know I have their back and that they are my #1 priority.

2) Get rid of clutter- of all kinds.  I am not responsible for other people's actions; I need to care less.  Strange sentence but very true for me.  I also have been throwing away a box a week of unnecessary clutter in our house, or donating a bag of things we no longer use.  The detox also goes for all things cyber- consider November the month of unsubscribing.  To everything.  So don't be insulted if I unsubscribed to your blog email....I check blogs without the email reminders.

3) Sit and be present.  Just take it all in and enjoy.  I don't do bored very well and it's very unlike me to sit and do nothing.  But now that the Christmas tree is up and the house is super cozy, I kinda like just sitting back and relaxing with my kids.

4) Do what I want, not what I think I should do.  In my head I had these things that I had to do...but en realité, who gives a shit? Not me.  So why do them?  Eliminate some unnecessary stress from your life and it does wonders!

5) Accomplish things.  Christmas decor is up, the meals are planned, the presents are bought and after this weekend the cards will be addressed and the presents will be wrapped.  I find that the more prepared I am, the better I enjoy the holidays.  I hate having to hustle and bustle through traffic and crowds.  I would much rather be sipping eggnog on my couch, being present, doing what I want, sans clutter and enjoying how awesome it is to be organized (and still fail on the occasion).

Have yourself a great weekend!  PS, I'm posting over on the Blended Blog today and sharing some of my fave Christmas reads.

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