Christmas past

by - December 22, 2017

As I sit back and enjoy the atmosphere leading up to Christmas, I find that I'm mostly drawn to the area around fireplace with the smaller Christmas trees. Don't get me wrong, I love the giant one but there's something special about the little Christmas tree.

You see, growing up, my Grandma Diehl kept her Christmas tree up year round.  And yes, that sounds slightly crazy but not only was it convenient for her but it did bring us joy whenever we went over.  Just knowing we could have a hint of Christmas, regardless the season became a symbol of the love and joy we felt as kids being surrounded by our family at Christmas time.

I happened to have a conversation with my Aunty Chris and somehow we realized that we both had little trees that stay up year round.  My little tree is the one pictured and lit by my fireplace in the first picture above.  It is thus, that the name "the Irene Tree" was born.  Like our loving matriarch, we now have a symbol that stays up year-round that reminds us of Christmas past and all the love and joy we still have with our family surrounding us.

It is then that I decided all my people needed one too and so my parents, Kyla and Rob all were gifted with an Irene Tree and added to it was the annual Swarovski crystal ornament to hang as a reminder of the memories of people past.

I thought I'd show you the pictures of the Irene Trees that deck the halls of our homes.

Chez Jen and Rob in Calgary:

Chez Aunty Chris and Uncle Lionel in Leask.  She already had the tree, so I sent the ornament instead:

Chez Mom and Dad in Prince Albert:

And lastly, chez Kyla and Rob, here in you can see...Kyla took to a photo theme too:

Wishing you a blessed and memorable Christmas.

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Have a lovely day!