Christmas Gift Guide

by - December 11, 2017

I am confidant Willis and Lucia don't read my blog, so for future remembrance purposes I'm going to share with you today my gift purchases for Christmas 2017.

We celebrate Christmas twice, this year hosting the Simair side then getting together with my family in January.   I have been busy prepping my house and planning all the goodies with hopes that this week I'll be feeling better and I'll actually be able to execute some of the plans.

As for the gifts for the kids, I struggled this year.  Willis is so hard to buy for and his list didn't help: books, video games or lego.  Quite vague.  Lucy on the other hand was a little easier.

For Willis (age 10)

1) Each kid gets a bigger gift and this is what I picked out for him.  He requested lego that was 'uncle Robbie's level' this is a mixture of difficult lego and fun computer coding.  I hope he likes it.  I haven't decided for which Christmas he'll receive this.

lego boost (here)
2) NBA game for the switch (here)
3) He'll get a couple random things....
a waterbottle recommended by my bestie (here)
Christmas pajamas

and in his stocking he will find books and candy.

I think I got all his wishes covered.

For Lucia (age 7) 

She always comes up with the most randomest of I just went on a whim for her.

1) Her big present is heelies....again recommended by my bestie.
2) Her video game is Just Dance for the switch ( I can't wait to do this one with her!)
3) and a bunch of randoms:
rhythmic gymnastic ball and ribbons

I have yet to decide which gift will be given at which Christmas....also there's the Santa present, I keep thinking this will be the last year they believe but here we are believing another year.  I'm not complaining though.

Linking up the ladies on TBB today and showing our Christmas sweaters on Wednesday, come join us!

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Have a lovely day!