Christmas 1 in 5

by - December 27, 2017

After going so hard for a month, prepping for all things Christmas, it is kinda bittersweet sitting here looking back on that which was the whirlwind of Christmas now that the calm has settled.  The giant tree is down and the gifts and wrappings have been put away and I have a moment to look back on the few days we had this house packed with family and overflowing with love. 

Here are my top 5 fave memories:

1) The food.  I hosted, Dan's parents brought food and Monique and I cooked. It was so much fun in the kitchen with her and despite a few set backs (a turkey cooking quickly and my meatballs being a tad undercooked)....I say our meal was a success. Plus it was super fun and as per usual there are way too many leftovers.

2) Christmas Eve mass we all got dressed up and headed over to St. Thomas Moore Chapel on campus for a quaint and cozy mass at 7.  Lucia was extremely excited to wear a pretty dress and put on a little makeup.   Personally, I just loved hanging out with her in the closet, getting ready. It reminded me of growing up at my Grandma's house and how we'd all crowd around the beauty salon chair to get done up for mass.

3) Family Time.   I get to spend a shitload of time with my kids and it is really nice to see them bonding with their grandparents and aunts and uncles.  They're getting to that age where they really idolize these people and I love taking a step back so they can have that time with them.

4) Cozy time.  On Christmas Eve both kids decided they wanted to stay up until midnight, so after we had our little réveillon (and didn't eat half the food we had planned out) we put movies up on the wall and snuggled on the couch.  They both were asleep by 11:45.

5) Time with my framily.  I love my friends and getting to see them during the holidays is just as important as seeing my family.  On Christmas Day, Candace came over for a colourful drink and then on boxing day we took the girls for a quick road trip to PA to see our other bestie.

That was our first phase of Christmas.  Second phase starts next week when my brother and Jen arrive from Calgary.  

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Have a lovely day!