What's up Wednesday

by - November 22, 2017

What we're eating this week:

Nothing too exciting during the week when Dan is gone..it is so tough when it's just me and the kids and all they want are tacos or pizza.  I do have some great comfort meals planned for this weekend.  All this cold is making me want do some serious cozy cooking.  Although, it looks like I may be BBQing this weekend.

What I'm reminiscing about:

All the dreams of Christmas prep that are swirling in my head are making me think lots of my Grandmas.

What I'm loving:

My husband lately.  He has been so much fun, spending more time with us and dreaming up all kinds of wonderful things.

What we've been up to:

Well, it was totally random but we booked a trip to Australia for next year!  The kids don't know yet but probably won't be too surprised as we've been talking about it off and on.

What I'm dreading:

Willis growing up and the decisions that come with.  He wants SnapChat, a youtube channel and is starting to ask about puberty.  He has stopped telling me he loves me because he's in grade 5 and is just growing up way too quickly.

What I'm working on:

Fluffing the giant tree and secretly wishing we had a real one.

What I'm excited about:

Decorating the tree this weekend, having a sleepover with the little cousins and all the fun Christmas plans we have for Decembre.

What I'm watching, reading: 

I'm actually trying to hustle through the book that I'm not really enjoying (Three Wishes by Liane Moriaty) because I am super excited to read my Christmas books, notably Winter Solstice (Elin Hilderbrand) and The Christmas Box (Richard Paul Evans).

What I'm listening to:

A book that so far has been mediocre....The Bette Davis Club (Jane Lotter).

What I'm wearing:

Winter.  Nothing cute is worn because nobody sees it, hence the lack of outfit posts.   So jackets and boots are my new thing.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

The cozy, the togetherness, the meals, the spirituality, the wonderful season of love.

What else is new...

I've lost my blog groove if you haven't noticed.  Just not caring right now. Sigh.

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Have a lovely day!