A post for a windy Sunday night.

by - November 26, 2017

I'm all about the pre-titled, give me the subject posts these days.  No creative energy for blogging.  That's a fact.

To be honest, all I want to do is Christmas prep, read or spend time with my family.  So if you're curious why I've been so mute, I've just been avoiding electronics and spending 99% of my time rearranging my house to suit my cmas decor (which drives my husband crazy)

Actually, the more I come to think about it- I've been trying to reflect what I'm trying to teach Willis.  He wants all this phone stuff but I don't want him to be a kid that sits around and is on his phone.computer.whatever instead of being present.  So I figure I should be a model of that.  It's actually been kinda nice...I misplace my phone often now that I don't have it with me everywhere.

Well. That got way off topic.

I decided to go with Momfessionals today for her link up on Tuesday.  The theme is gift-giving for yourself and since my husband says I'm always getting myself gifts (true)- I'm going to try to come up with some desires that aren't necessarily materialistic.

Want: Few believe me when I say this, but I don't want any clothes right now.  I have so much and I barely wear the majority of it.  Not being in a classroom was a game-changer wardrobe wise. Pictured below- normal everyday Deena...I have to put on lipstick to feel dressed up now.  Do you see the sadness in her eyes? That's from the dust gathering on all her pretty shoes.  I have a feeling my same-sized footed friends are going to get very lucky this Cmas.

Right. Wants.
I have a huge list of wants if we were to talk about the new house...but those are not really on my radar. Yet.  So really, my biggest want right now is for my son to be able to talk to me.  We're making progress - and I want him to feel he can trust me and not be embarrassed. I swear I don't try to embarrass him too much......I suppose random selfies of me in purple lipstick don't help.

Need: Nothing I can think of- except for eggs and milk, which is on my grocery list.  I also need to find better eating habits.  I'm very happy with my workouts and I eat very well Monday- Friday from 9 am-5pm.  Which also happens to be the hours for Canada Post who can't seem to get packages delivered to me.  Someone needs to be fired.  Who gives a key for the community box a week late (and because I left a note saying I didn't get a key) and then there's nothing in 12A. Get it together mailidiot.
Oops.  So, my eating habits..........just gotta improve that so I can be happy with all of my body.

Parts of my body I like:

  • My legs- good and muscly
  • My butt
  • My back
  • My arms (when I push away the flab)
Parts of my body that need work:
  • My core. The muscles are there...I can feel them...they are just, hmmmm, layered for the winter  since I started having kids.  10 years ago. Sigh.
Okay after making that pro and con list in the grade 9 style of should I dump my boyfriend, I see what I need to work on.  Watch out Orange Theory, we are adding daily abs. 

Wear: I would like to wear a smile more often and have less of a resting grinch face. (See picture above which just happens to be right after a good sweat sesh at Orange Theory).

Read: This is actually all I want to do right now and I completed my 50 book goal for 2017.  I think I'm at 56. I have a great pile of books waiting for me and I can't wait to get into them.

This post is feeling not as spicy as I normally like- maybe I need to change the time of day I that I write.  Also, I didn't have my usual wine...you know, trying to change the diet and all....that's probably where all the fun went. I gotta find my blogging groove, because I really like doing it, I swear.

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