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by - October 25, 2017

Decided to go with the What's Up post being linked up with Mix & Match Mama today.  Not feeling overly blog-inspired these days.  Sigh.  So formulated for me post, here we go:

what we're eating- The second turkey I had bought around Thanksgiving...you know, because one can never have too many turkeys.  I plan on cooking the monster on Saturday and having my house smell divine all day.

what I'm reminiscing about- Last year's excitement of watching Gilmore Girls. I really hope they do a second revival.  Also, I think either the Office or Gilmore Girls will be on my re-watch binge list. Speaking of Gilmore Girls, I received some products for review from RoseGal...check out this awesome sweatshirt that my sister ordered.

what I'm loving: Our sweet Lucia finally lost her first tooth.  She was so excited and promptly went to writing the tooth fairy a note and then to telling me that she thinks that I'm the tooth fairy. Sigh.  She's always been our realist.

what we've been up to: keeping busy as usual.  Did a fun splurge event...you can read about our splurge group and all our fun activities here.

what I'm dreading: Making final decisions for the new build because I love everything.  My brows girl (Bloom Studio- check her out!) introduced me to the German Schmear (which sounds perverted but is actually pretty)...now I'm trying to figure out how I can tie this into my modern farmhouse.

what I'm working on: My goal is to have finished Cmas shopping by the end of October..I'm close, but it is looking like it will spill into November.

what I'm excited about:  our cat came back! We had a scare on the weekend with Fuzzy going missing over night.  It was raining all morning on Saturday as we searched for her.  Willis was bawling, Lucia was in a frazzle and honestly, I had given up.  But then alas, the cat came back and man, I haven't seen Willis vibrate like that since he was a kid getting excited over bouncing balls.

what I'm watching/reading: Fall and Halloween calls for Harry Potter movie marathon.  Kyla also picked up this awesome Harry Potter Sweatshirt from Rosegal.  I need to steal it from her.  Speaking of Halloween make sure you check out all the Halloween deals on Rosegal.
As for reading, I'm reading tons too but will save that for another day.  You can follow me on GoodReads if you like.

what I'm listening to: a book.  More on that sometime this week.

what I'm wearing:  All kinda of comfy this week:

Spanx leggings, Aritzia Sweater Dress and Cardigan.

Twinning with la Lucia

Floral t-shirt from Rosegal

Camo flats!

what I'm doing this weekend:  Trying not to lose my mind with all the things we have to fit in.  It's good busy but it's busy with basketball game and practice, piano party, annual kids' halloween photo with friends, sacrament preparation, track meetings and book club.  Oh, and I just said I'd cook a turkey.

what I'm looking forward to next month: November is a great month...it starts with a trip to Vegas with my blogging buddies to see my BFF Britney and Elton...there's a nice super long weekend...and there's the hope of that first snowfall and decorating for Christmas.

what else is new: I'm currently scheming.  As usual. I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

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