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by - October 04, 2017

Posting fashion stuff on The Blended Blog today but not feeling like doing another fashiony post here so I'm gonna do the What's Up Wednesday instead.  

1- What we're eating this week: Mostly leftovers from last weekend's turkey practice..homemade turkey soup...also spaghetti because it's been cold out.  The weather totally affects my menu.

2- Reminiscing about: With Lucia and Kinsey starting ringette, Kyla and I have been doing the Park stance along the boards, remembering what it was like being young and on the ice.  Kinda miss skating and getting your butt kicked at practice.

Lucia in pink, Kinsey in black

3- I'm loving:
Fall. Harvest. Saskatchewan. Canada.  Life.  With all the crazy going on in the world, I fall more and more in love with my little corner of the world.   Dan came home late last week from Winnipeg and had a spectacular view of the Northern Lights right about of house.  Cameras never do them justice but this is pretty damn good.  Look at them dance!

4- What we've been up to: Family time and loving every minute of it.  I thrive on having a full house. 

5- What I'm dreading: Not much really....my workout at OTF tomorrow?

6- What I'm working on: House planning has taken over my life but fingers crossed, the house plans should be done soon and then things should slow down until the dig starts in spring.

7- What I'm excited about: The house! I'm in love with what we've come up with, just hoping it won't be too expensive.  But also I'm really really excited about moving out to the 60 acre woods- it is so beautiful out there.

8- What I'm watching/reading: Currently reading the same book for the past 3 weeks, I really need to finish it.  Watching Friends reruns while I do my cyber, and really the only shows I watch on the actual night their on are Outlander on Sundays and This is Us on Tuesdays.

9- What I'm listening to:  Fall inspired playlists on Spotify (lots of jazz) and the book The Royal We.

10- What I'm wearing: Here are my random outfit pictures from September from my phone

Cozy Aritzia pants

11- What I'm doing this weekend: THANKSGIVING!!!!! YAYAYAYYAYAYYA

12- What I'm looking forward to next month: Snow.  Christmas preparations. A trip to Vegas with some blogging friends!

13- What else is new:  I've lost 5 lbs since starting WW again?  I am starting to paint again?  My nails need a fill.

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