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Happy October!  I'm focusing my month in numbers on our house planning because I feel like that is where the abundance of my time has been spent.  But I'm also thinking that I'm ready to do a house update post, so we'll see what I'm feeling like doing later this week.

This is what I've done this month :

2 hours researching fireplaces....we're doing a woodburning fireplace for the sunroom- which makes me super excited- but also a couple electric fireplaces for prettiness.

4 hours going to show homes to see different styles and colours together.  That was fun!

4 hours in architect meetings changing little things here and there.  We're down to little things like moving a wall here, taking out a wall there, adding a window over there.  Hoping its done soon!

5 hours on Houzz  mostly focusing on kitchen and bathrooms- I could spend all my time on that app.

2 hours picking out faucets, sinks, toilets.  Why are all the prettiest things the most expensive?

6 hours in meetings for cabinet planning.  This is super specific like- what are you going to put in that drawer and also the planning of the closet. :)

2 hours in meetings picking windows. I have a whole new vocabulary with words like molliants (sp?), transom windows, crosspunch, centerpunch, SDL, SDM.....

2 hours filling out paperwork for setting up SaskEnergy and SaskPower.  I met the power people out on the property too to show where it goes.

Link up your numbers post below!  I feel like I should put some pictures in to show you all my work, but how about we save those for the house update post.

Now let's have some fun with the gals from +The Blended Blog

1.  Fall Sweet Treat: Apple pie.  Pumpkin Pie.  All the pies.  I made a lemon meringue  (and pumpkin) this weekend and definitely need more practice.

2. Apple: I love Red Delicious.  My sister loves Macintosh and I think they're sour.
3. Fall Sport: Postseason baseball when the Blue Jays are in it. Which isn't this year. Bah.
4. Best Drink for Fall: Alynne brought me some Pumpkin Spice Bailey's which is amazing.
5. Fave Fall Activity: Friendsgiving!!! More on that later this month.
6. Must have Fall Purchase: Husband would argue that I need nothing- but I would argue back with booties for everybody!
7. Pumpkins- grow your own...and by that I mean, my father in law grows the best pumpkins (sorry husband, you tried) and then he lets me have as many as I like...I'll share a picture of my doorstep today on Instagram to show you. Nevermind- I took one at night because winenot.

8. Pumpkins- always real. 
9. Fave Halloween Costume- I love themed costumes in our family
10. Football- none. I don't get football.
11. Decor- all fall and then I add in the Halloween in later October.
12. Leaves- no mature trees around me and the wind is nuts- so no raking. Coincidentally no shoveling either. Silly wind.
13. Favourite Soup- I just made a turkey soup with the leftovers from my practice Thanksgiving meal this weekend.  SOOOO yummy!

14. Fall Candle- anything vanilla.
15. I'm down with pumpkin spice.
16. I actually prefer tall boots...but am really digging flat booties right now.
17. Fave Halloween Candy- those corn thingies that only come out at Halloween.
18. PSL- of course.  I like mine non-fat, half sweet and no whip.
19. Can't say I've ever been on a hayride, I've climbed bails and I've played in mazes..yay fall!

20. Fave Fall TV- Show- This is Us and Movie- You've Got Mail!

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