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Welcome to the TBB Fall Home Tour. 

From mid September until mid November my walls are festooned with colourful leaves, twinkly lights and cozy candles.  A plethora of pumpkins take over the outside porch (usually the crazy big ones) and the smaller sugar pumpkins (perfect for pies) stay indoors.   I limit myself to adding a piece or two to the decor each year for each season- this year it's a wood sign that says 'Eat More Pie'.  

How fitting, cause that's what I'm doing as I compose this post.

 My main focus for any fall or winter decorating is warm and cozy at night.  There has to be twinkly lights somewhere and they are all on a timer.

 I have the odd Halloween thing here and there but for the most part it's fall all the way in this house.

Okay, and a random Christmas tree.  I just can't put this one away.....my Grandma kept her Christmas tree up year round so let's say this is my homage to her.  Yup, we'll go with that

So. many. pumpkins.

The outside decor is mainly pumpkins and frozen plants.  I should get around to trimming them back before the snow flies.

My favourite part of fall though isn't the inside decor but the colours that our sky takes on at night and how that reflects itself onto the wheat-shaded ground.  So beautiful and oh, so blessed to live here.

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