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It's been 3 years running with our splurge group and I thought it was about time that I start writing down all the fun things we've done and all the ideas I've been stockpiling in my brain.  If you're not familiar with a "splurge" group or call it something different, basically we have 11 ladies and each month we do something fun, put in 20$ and draw for a winner.  The "winner" has to spend the money on herself and then put together the next month's shindig.  This weekend we're gathering at the local corn maze for a spooky and tipsy event.  I look forward to these gatherings every month with these ladies!  Here are some of the things we've done and what I'd love to do:

1. Dinner theatre- Off Broadway Dinner Theatre
2.  Movie night- hit the VIP theatre and see something you would only see with your friends. Also popcorn and wine.
3. Wet Paint Pottery- cool concept..pick an item, paint it, they fire it and you go home with a cool treasure.

4. Sleigh Ride- perfect wintertime fun.
5. Corn Maze: Strawberry Ranch, Italian Club
6. Supper out: We've done the Keg, Moxies...you name it.  Sometimes it's nice to get out and not have to worry about little ones.  It's fun trying new restaurants too

7. Nature walk: not many places more beautiful than the Saskatoon riverbank in the fall.  Grab a coffee and get some steps!
8. Escape Room/Breakout Room: Deadlock Escape, Breakout Escape, Mastermind Live Escape- I can't remember which one we did in YXE, but it was blast.
9. Workout Class: We've done a spin class and an OTF class- always fun to sweat with friends.
10. Favourite Things Party: Everyone brings something they can't live without (you fix the price limit) and you do an exchange.

11. Meditation Class: Saskatoon Buddhist Meditation
12. Psychic Reading or Tarot cards
13. Freezer Meal Party at home or Dinner Rush
14. Hockey game- Go Blades!  Just kidding, I don't speak hockey.  Except Jordan has the sweetest Blade billet staying with them and it makes me want to go cheer for him.
15. Rush Game (Lacrosse)
16. Apex for Adults (although all I can picture are a bunch of women peeing their pants...)
17. Santa Claus Parade (might have to bring the kids along)
18. Paint Night: Holly's Wine and Paint

19. Walking Pub Crawl
20. Bingo
21. Square Dancing class
22. Canadian Light Source Tours (Synchotron)
23. Comedy Night (Yuk Yuk)
24. Fun Run, Walk, Marathon type thingy...that foam run or that colour one
25. Solar Gardens: we've done a succulents class and had a nice supper out there.

26. Prairie Lily RiverBoat Sightseeing Tour
27. Bowling
28. Batting cages
29.  Tipsy Mini Golf...because everything is more fun with wine.
30. Vision Boards and Clarity Coaching : Jolene Watson

31. Skating- preferably outdoors with magical snow falling
32. Theatre: we saw a Christmas Carol last year and it was great!
33. Potluck: easy and cheap!
34.  See the symphony play something cool...like the tunes from Harry Potter.
35. At home pedicures : we brought our own polish and did our own pedicures
36. Try out a new restaurant in the city.
37. Christmas Cookie Exchange- always a hit with us!

38. Attend a Book Reading : McNally Robinson- I think we did this by accident one year.
39. Distillery Tour: Lucky Bastard, Crossmount Cider, Black Fox Farm
40. Cooking class: D'reens
41. Brunch- Blue Grass Brunch Sundays at Bon Temps
42. English High Tea- Little Bird Pattiserie
43. Christmas Carolling- don't forget the Baileys!
44. Holiday Flea Market: Cmas Craft shows are the best!
45. Curling

46. Bootown
47. Art Gallery Tour- check out the new Remai Modern!
48. Haunted House: Berry Barn
49. Toboganning
50. Cross Country Skiing: rentals here
51. Backyard Bonfire and weiner roast
52. Farmer's Market
53. Festival of Trees
54. Sundog Art Faire
55. Oktoberfest
56. Cajun Spice Boil: Bon Temps CafĂ©- an awesome experience!

57. Pajama Party, at home movie night or Bachelor/Outlander viewing..pick your poison.
58. Fishing at Trout Pond in Forestry Farm
59. Host a money talk, budget night. See my post here on the event I did last year.
60. Fondue Night: UFondue
61. Makeup and Photo Night
62. Host a fancy dinner party
63. Canoe or kayaking down the river
64. Casino Night at Dakota Dunes
65. Get in the Christmas spirit with a Cmas concert- I highly recommend the Fireside Show in YXE
66.  See a musical: Saskatoon has Chicago and Wizard of Oz coming our way before Christmas
67.  Attend a local festival: jazz fest, taste of Saskatchewan....
68.  Volunteer: so many possibilities there!
69.  Wine night: Premier Showcase
70.  Put together a salad in the jar party and eat healthy all week

I'm sure that once I've re-read this list I will think up more.  What about you? Any fun ideas for a night out?

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