What I Wore in Vancouver


I always get the same reaction from Dan when he goes to put my suitcase in the car- HOW many days are you going for?
A lady's gotta have options, non?

What I've discovered with packing for short trips that it's easiest to just pack in neutrals, adding some fun pieces à la Deena to make the blah colours more me.

For instance, this is what I wore in Vancouver:

Top left on the way to the spa: black express jeans, black Peione shirt, polka dot converse
Top middle out shopping: Black JSlide Bow Shoes, Black Express Jeans, Random Striped top from Joe Fresh and H&M Floral Blazer
Top right after arriving at hotel from flight: Simons dress and polka dot shoes.

Bottom left while out shopping at Nordstrom: Halogen Sweater Dress (yes, I bought it)
Bottom Middle while at the tech conference and bottom right out for supper at the Four Seasons: Floral Dress from Jessakae and nude Sam Edelman flats. Note- this dress needs a post of it's own.

What I liked about this was that all my pieces completed each other and it was easy to mix and match.

My travel home outfit was my favourite and I neglected to take pictures of it, so instead I wore it again this week and went exploring on our 60 acre woods to do a photo shoot.

BCBG Camo rain jacket found at Winners
Pleione Top
Stella Dot something something necklace

And normally I would have tales to tell but I'm sick this week and have zero energy left to be witty. 

Or to read and comment on blogs. I'll have to get caught up on the weekend.

But seriously, comfiest pants ever and that's all that counts, right?

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