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I'm on book 43 of my 50 goal for the year and don't think I'll have a problem hitting it.  The only problem right now is I'm not in a reading mood.  So many hours spent doing house planning stuff and cyber that the few that are left just aren't going to my favourite extra curricular activity.  Hopefully that'll change soon.  I'll be reviewing the going-ons with the house on Monday with my Month in Review with Numbers, as well as the TBB ASKS.  Please join in this month's questions:

As for what I read in September, this is what I got through:

1) Voyager- finished it (well reread it) just in time for Season 3 to start on Sundays. Yay! Can't wait to see how they put this one together on screen.

It so nice to have Jamie back on Sunday nights. Swoon.

2.  Listened to The Woman in Cabin 10.   It was a good thriller but to be honest, I think I'm thrillered out because they're all starting to sound the same.

3.  Read Warbreaker for our TBB Reads book club.  This was out of my genre comfort zone and I'm glad I read it.  Definitely Fantasy and it had a real cool story line.  I read it with my brother who loves Fantasy and has actually starting reading more of Alison's recommends.  This is what he had to say about Warbreaker:

I've read Sanderson before -- Mistborn ( not done ) and Stormlight. As usual - I love the way Sanderson creates new worlds with different magic/energy. The whole " breath " system is pretty cool and easy to understand. Each of the characters have their own struggle, and although it was a bit of slow start, I found myself getting more attached as the book progressed. My favorite was Lightsong -apathetic at first, but continually growing to be more of a player. The whole world of the "returned" was cool too. With everything that goes on in the first of this series -- Sanderson does a great job of bringing it all together. I'll definitely see this series through to the end.

4.  Read a Year in Provence- recommended by Sheila for our virtual book club.  I needed to approach this more as a non-fiction book...in my head it was going to have a story.  I did however love reading his account on life in that area of France.  And of course, it made me want to visit there. Asap.

That's it!  It's still September and I'm currently reading The Little Beach Bakery...but won't be done in time to review, so I'll save that for next month.

Any must read recommends for me?  Linking up our reading posts on The Blended Blog.

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