The 5 minute post

by - September 01, 2017

I'm going to try something different for today's post...setting the timer for 5 minutes, making sure there's nothing around to disrupt me and I'm just going to write.  When 5 minutes is up, that'll be my post and I'll go in and add photos if I want and correct any typos.

Let's see how this goes.

I feel really bad wanting my kids to go back to school because I know the minute school starts next week I'll be longing for these lazy days of nothing.  Why do they have to continually argue about the dumbest things?
Willis is going into grade 5 and still hugs me and wants me to tuck him in and cuddle me at night. I kinda love that.  He also has a little bit of hair coming in his armpits but believes in Santa? We're in such a weird in between right now.

I had a strange week, getting a call from my former principal seeing if I could come teach until they found someone to replace the one who was supposed to originally be replacing me.  I was kinda happy to be going back and really excited to see my former students and wear pretty outfits.  I got as far as trying to find my binders and making a course outline for the Français 90 course.  Then I got a call two days later saying they had found someone.  So then I was sad? But also kinda relieved because man, there's a lot of planning to do.  I'll still be going in next week to help get the lady ready and share my ressources, so that will be fun.

*pausing my timer, the Jays game just got exciting and Willis needed help baking.

I'm back.

Willis and my mom are baking right now and Dad and I are watching the Jays...I love when my parents come up and stay over- it's such great quality one-on-one time that they get with the kids.  Also, it's handy that they can babysit while I go to Opening Mass and do teachery things.


**timer done.

5 minutes didn't feel like enough. I'll have to do more next time cause that was kinda fun!

Come back on Monday for my mash-up post combining two really fun link month in numbers review and our TBB ASKS questions post.

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Have a lovely day!