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by - September 18, 2017

#TBBTALKS topic today is school photos and I kinda sorta feel like blogging again so we'll give it a go...also, fantastic opportunity to embarrass my friends with some wonderfully hilarious school photos.

If this were the days of yore, I'd have you over to my place and bring out all the photo albums. But after multiple moves and too many times having to pack them up, I decided that my collection of photo albums had to be rethunk.  I actually blogged about it in 2011- you can see the oldass post here.  Too lazy to click over? Fine. How about this cute picture of Willis by Mount Photoalbum instead?

Anyway...back to pictures.  When Christy reminded me this weekend that we were doing this post, I got giddy and ran downstairs to my 5 remaining photoalbums to see if "the one with all the school pictures" survived the scan attack.
And luckily for you Monday enjoyment, it did.

This was my favourite photo album because of all the school pictures I had curated.  My closest friends each had their own page. I love being able to take the picture out and read what legends they had to share with me on the back.

This one just makes me sad because these two wonderful people aren't with us anymore :(

You'll have to go check out my bestie's post to see what picture she was referring to

My poor kids missing out on that joyful part of childhood- writing on the back of photos. Do kids not do that anymore????

Speaking of my kids, I do love getting their school pictures each year, despite the stupid expensiveness and I'm sure I could take a better picture of them.  Anyway, I wanted to show you what I do to display them...I thought it was pretty fun and I had plans on that hallway of memories to stretch out to grade 12...but now with the move, I will have to rethink my displaymanship.

ps.  Today's post filled with made up words is fuelled by a glass of white and a shit-ton of energy because of the #napafterglow

Now, it wouldn't be fair to share my beauty of friends without throwing out some gooders of yours truly.  So let's take a look at my grade 7- I can't believe mom let me wear that shade of lipstick and cut my own bangs.  Red is not my colour, 13 year old acne was not the greatest and how did I not get a re-take with that halfass smile.  My parents actually gifted me this framed picture for Cmas this year. #assholes.
Just kidding, I love them.

My best? I don't even know- I'm gonna go with grade 9 Deena- I always liked this picture.

Linking up with TBB today. Happy Monday!

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