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by - September 04, 2017

I'm a multi-tasker in life, so I might as well do the same for the blog. Today is going to be TBB Asks and my numbers post...with the link up for the numbers at the end. If you want the TBB ASKS link up, you'll have to head over to the Blended Blog.

1. I loved High School and was super involved in everything from all sports teams to SRC.  But in the same breath, I was very happy to get to university and lose the pressure to go out and be seen.  I felt more like me in university, if that makes any sense.

2. Previously we started school the week before Labour Day, but now we start after.    I'm indifferent.  It's hot out right now, so I'm cool not starting until November.

3.  When I wake up in the morning I need time and I need everything to be prepared. I hate rushing, I also hate talking in the morning.
4. Fave breakfast right now is oatmeal with fruit and brown sugar or cinnamon.
5. Fave cereal (and also fave bedtime snack) is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
6. No uniforms for us!
7.  My mom would always take us to Sears to get our one back to school outfit and surprise, surprise, it was always my favourite thing to do.

8. I lived a 10 minute walk to school so I did that, or I biked with my BFF or I road the bus and then in high school, I caught a ride with a friend and her brother. 

9. I have no clue what I used but my kids have really cute backpacks from Lands End.

10. In elementary school i would walk home for lunch and mom would have something ready, in high school we walked to the mall and had fries or we drove to someone's house and had grilled cheese.  And likely a slush from Welcome Inn.

11.  I think I only drank white milk, but we rarely had them....once upon a time we had good ol' bagged milk, a Canadian specialty.

12.  I remember having cute lunch boxes in kindergarten.  

13.  Sometimes when I'm at the kids' school early, I like watching them play at recess...Willis is always playing football or soccer and Lucia is usually on the jungle gym.

14.  I love back to school supplies...a freshly sharpened bouquet of pencils would be my favourite..or those notebooks- I loved writing in them for the first time.

15.  I taught with both and I have nightmares of the chalkboard. Maybe that's why I hate chalk.  But even now as a teacher, i rarely write on my white board.

16. I love sharpening pencils and sketching in my notebooks- so regular.

17.  My kids get all their homework done as well as their piano right after school. That way they can just chill and play after supper and be kids.

18. Apples and cheese!

19.  I don't recall watching TV after school- my kids don't either.  They'll only watch TV on weekends during the school year.

20. My fave subject was likely French, English or Art.

21. Least fave would have been Science. 

22.  Christy has always been my BFF- since the first day of kindergarten, but we went to different high my high school BFFs were Alison and Kelly.

23. Our mascot was a Smurf.  Yup. So mighty and fierce were we.

24. What's an SAT or ACT?

25. My favourite grades to teach are grade 6, 9 and 12.

26.  I have a class ring but it barely fits my pinky...sigh.  That was the dumbest purchase ever.

27.  I organized our 10 year high school reunion but we had maybe 15 people show up.  Lame.

So I went back to look at my August and I'm going to do a short summary of our doings:

4 days of sports camps for the kids- climbing...all kinds of fun.
3 birthdays celebrate: Willis, Adelyn and Amelia
1 wedding to videograph
1 University reunion after 20 years since we started 

3 days in Edmonton with my 5 besties, spending over 5000$ (together) on some great fashion finds.


4 pool dates with some of my favourite families, even if the weather didn't cooperate.

2 days back to work in a public setting- I'm part time cyber so I did a total of 12.5 hours of work.

1000000 hours playing in the pool!

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