Life with a 10 year old.

by - September 14, 2017

I feel like I'm wavering between that "little cuddly boy" and "holy shit he's almost a teenager" stage right now.  

It's the almost stage.

Almost ready to babysit - I have left him alone for 20 minutes with Lucia while I went for a run. I'm not ready for more than that.  Au contraire, he can't wait to be able to babysit his cousins.

Almost mature enough to be left alone at home- I know a lot of his friends are experiencing this, but it's different when country living.  We did leave him while we went to the 60 acre woods (5 mins from our current home) and after about 45 minutes he was messaging me, asking when we'd be back.

Almost hitting puberty- yup, he has hair starting on one armpit and that's the most I'll likely ever blog about..but it is starting and I'm going to have to have some good discussions with him about the going-ons.  He proudly wears deodorant.

Almost a non-believer- I'm pretty sure he still believes in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus..I'm always thinking that this will be the last year with all the magic.  We shall see.

I found this in my inbox earlier...a story about Willis that Dan didn't want to forget:

Willis and I went grocery shopping.  The lineups at the tills were long and with people all around us, Willis was waiting patiently and looking in our cart.  He looks up and asks me 

“Daddy.  I think that chicken is dead”

Everyone around us looks.  I know Willis hasn’t been the sensitive type thus far regarding animals dying but I’m not sure where this is going.  “Willis, I think you are right”.

“I think maybe he ran into a wall”

Willis is referring to a dead bird we saw at the zoo that morning that had ran into a window.  “No Willis, I think the chicken farmer killed that chicken so that we can eat it”.

“Where did his head go Daddy?”

A few people around us are trying not to laugh.  “That’s how they kill the chickens Will.  They chop of their heads”.

“It looks like it used to be a pig”

I’m not sure where this one came from, then realize “Willis, they pull off all the feathers so that we don’t have to eat them”.

“I’m going to eat the legs first”

Well that was that, the line started moving again and the cashier gave Willis an orange crayon for being a good kid.

And while I'm really excited to see what it's like around the corner of this next decade, I'm also extremely reluctant to say good bye to that first decade...all the snuggles, the firsts, the cute little-boyness that he's slowly starting to lose.

I can see him maturing and turning into a handsome, responsible and mostly awesome little man, yet there are still those moments where I get to #momsohard and be the caregiver that he needs.

Quick story to illustrate this.

Willis is a deep sleeper and stumbles to the bathroom usually around 11 every night.  Well one morning, he discovered that he had peed in his dresser..thinking it was the toilet.  And no later than the night after that discovery but does he wander into the kitchen and try to pee in the garbage can under the sink.  I tried to divert him whilst he was in his zombie state and he yelled at me for stopping him.  
In the end I won that weird battle and we had a good giggle in the morning when I told him the story.

So you know, I figured I should probably record this little moment because before I know it, he'll be off at parties and doing teenager things.

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