Willis is 10

by - August 06, 2017

10 years ago today we welcomed the cutest little boy into the world.  Willis Jules Simair.  We almost called him Jones.  He took FOREVER to deliver.
But the minute he was born, he transformed us into doting parents and taught us what genuine love looks like.
Willis was the first baby born into our circle of family and friends and therefore was the apple of many eyes and now that he's the oldest amongst all the many children that came after, he has grown into the role of leader.
Willis loves his family most and a very close second would likely be baseball, the Switch and his blue blanket.
He's very sensitive and can be bossy and is learning to listen to constructive criticism.
He is strong, fast and a great athlete and now that he can beat me in a race, thinks he's rather smart.
Willis devours books and is currently all over the Goosebumps series.  He excels in Math and although I have to push him to do his homework and practice piano, he is a gifted student.

We love our boy and can't believe how quickly he's morphing into a full grown little man and while I long for the days when I could snuggle him up in my arms and rock him, I am fully enjoying his independence and seeing the development of his gifts and talents.

Willis, thank you for loving your sister and cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents as much as you love us- you are an awesome kid and I am proud to be your mom.

Also- confession:  You are a deep sleeper and I secretly snuggle you every night when you're off in dreamland.

Happy 10th Birthday, my man.

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