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Enfin, my last piece from my trip to the UK in May and this happens to also be my favourite because watercolours!  Previously shared was: wide leg pants and OTS shirt, yellow striped bell sleeve top, wide leg floral capris, floral peplum top and the yellow dress

Since discovering BlueBell Gray (pretty sure my sister found them first), I have been obsessed with their prints and now have a chair, dishes, curtains, numerous pillows and bedspread.  Don't be surprised if I design a couple rooms in the new house around these vibrant prints.

So when I found this top while visiting the House of Fraser in Edinburgh, I knew I had to have it.  Not only does it remind me of my favourite Scottish designer, but it also makes me smile and is super soft and comfy.  The entire line of clothing (Phase Eight) was appealing to me- I'm surprised this was the only thing that made the trip home.

I paired it with my Jessica Simpson jeans that are the only jeans I'll wear in the summer because they're not tight and don't feel weird on my legs.  Summer is made for shorts and skirts...pants feel strange.  This was a perfect outfit for the day when the temperature was in the low 20s and I wasn't feeling hot.

This very well could be my favourite piece I picked out overseas!  I couldn't find the exact products for this outfit, so I made you an inspired by watercolors look instead...I think it's a nice option instead of florals this summer.

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