Summers of the Past

by - August 21, 2017

I often wonder what will count as lasting memories for Willis and Lucia when they're older, reminiscing about their childhood summers. I know for me I can distinctly remember so many things from those long days of summer...sans air conditioning, trying to find refuge from the heat.  There were the many camping trips and annual trips out to many wonderful memories that my parents worked hard to give us.  Let's take a look at the lasting ones for me; the ones that I am working hard to recreate for my kids.

1) Time with grandparents.  We camped all the time with both sets of my grandparents and I love that our parents are doing the same for our kids.  In fact, Willis and Lucia just spent the weekend on this very beach at Sandy Lake where this picture was taken of me and my Grandpa some 30 years ago.

2)  Unstructured Play Time with Siblings.  Bonus of this one is that you get a break as a parent and the kids are allowed to be bored and thusly use their imaginations.  I don't know how many backyard plays I eventually directed because of boredom, but it was likely at least 2 a summer.  Willis and Lucia have benefitted from tons of time to just be kids and play. I love seeing where their weird and wacky imaginations take them.

3) Road trip!  Our annual road trip was 14 hours out west was sometimes a painful drive but the joys of reading, napping and listening to our mixed tapes (recorded off the radio) all the way brought us (probably way too much) joy.  And while we probably fought and bickered and drove our parents nuts, I always looked forward to this time with my brother and sister and getting to go out and visit with family in B.C

4) Lake time.  I'm partial to the crystal clear lakes of northern(ish) Saskatchewan and love nothing more than jumping right in off the boat.

5) Float time- Since getting an above ground pool, I have discovered how much peace I can get from just floating around and reading or cooling off in the pool after a run.

6) Gardening!  I don't love weeding, but I sure love the abondance of fresh produce we can get in our back yard.

The summers of my childhood have taught me many things and the most important are that we need that quality down time, the family and friend time and some good old fun to make the memories that live on for a lifetime.

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