Out West

by - August 04, 2017

Once a year we take a trip out west to Calgary to visit my brother and his lovely new wife, Jen, along with my BFF who also happens to live very close by (which is very handy).   As my kids get older (and I guess me too) it becomes more and more important that these trips happen and we spend time developing relationships with our people. 

It was a quick 3 days that took us all over on many adventures and each time we went somewhere different, my kids loved that activity the most and wanted to do it all over again.

  • we kinda hiked the Upper Kananaskis Lake to the waterfall.  It was a quick visit and absolutely beautiful.  Highlights was the fresh air and beautiful scenery, also all the wildlife- we even saw a bear on the side of the road, just chilling.

  • We celebrated Willis' upcoming 10th birthday with a nice supper up on the Calgary Tower.  The kids loved how the seating area rotated around the whole tour and Jen gave us a lovely arial tour of all the places in Calgary.

  • They took the kids luging and mini golfing  up at the Olympic ski jump place.  They absolutely loved this, despite the chair life they had to take up which they didn't love.  Lucia's observation whilst going down the hill was 'this is way better than MarioKart'!!!!

  • We spent some time at Christy's new home, getting the grande tour and playing with her kids.  It was nice that Dan could come along and set up shop, getting some work done while we visited.  Christy and I then went for some girl time and had a pedicure (me) and manicure (her) and then went for a shop and both scored some things from Nordstrom.

  • We also stopped at InjaNation and pretended we were American ninjas.  It was absolutely terrifying being up so high then jumping down, but in the end we all did it!  Mostly I loved seeing Lucia conquer her fears and get things done.

The kids had a most wonderful time and I am already looking forward to planning our next trip out west to see the fam.
Have a great weekend!

P.S- if you're looking for a post for Monday- we'll be doing this and I'll also be doing my month in numbers link up!

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Have a lovely day!