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I feel like I could write 101 posts in homage to the getaway with the girls from this previous weekend..but alas I shan't.  This will be the last one, I promise.  Today is all about the style because, really, we have discovered that that is what we do best: shop.

I know what you're saying (husband) really, Deena, do you need new clothes and I say YES! Because when I'm dressed up and feeling great then that radiates through my outfit and into my smile and then onto how I treat people (better/happier) and so on and so forth.

So my goal was dresses and I would say I hit my target 10000%...I found a couple at Anthropologie and a couple at Simons.

Gingham Swing Dress

Floral sweater

Poplin dress
One of the many twinning purchases- both sale items at Anthro

Accordian dress for me and accordian top for Carmen

My bloggity friend, Lisa over at Daily Style Finds posted this outfit last week and I had it ingrained in my brain...so much so that I sought out the skirt (which was very much hidden) at H&M...and then 4 of us bought it with intentions of pairing it with a floral top.  This blue floral top was on sale at Anthro and also purchased by 3 of us.  I think this is the first time we have triples.

Alynne bought 80000 pairs of shoes and NO PENCIL SKIRT.  Seriously- she is one of the sexiest women I know and she won't rock a pencil skirt. I will get to her and convince her someday. Challenge accepted.

She did pick up some really cute camis at Simons along with me and Christy's go-to blazer.

And Candace had tons of success at RW and Loft, picking up some work clothes.

Carmen picked up this beautiful cold shoulder sweater, which was one of her goals.

We did two nice suppers out and had a fun time doing costume changes 800000000 times to find something that worked.  Typical.

 Lastly, Sara scored this beautiful open shoulder blouse which looks amazing against her skin tone.

One of the best parts of the shopping is getting to where the new finds out---so here's a look at me on my first day back to work (department meetings) and the comfy outfit I get to where.

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