My Guilty Pleasures: summer edition

by - August 14, 2017

I find that I'm the type of person who likes being busy: projects, to-do lists, long and short-term goals, you name it.  So when summer hits and I find myself with a wack of downtime, it is a major adjustment and I have a hard time doing nothing.  Enter the guilt.
Good thing the TBB gals put together a hop forcing me to ponder what exactly are the things I do in the summer that I end up feeling guilty they are:

1) Any 'me' time that could be spent cleaning or doing something productive, such as:
Floating in the pool alone.
Reading on deck, under deck, in pool, in bath....
Running at night with warm sun beating down on my shoulders
Sleeping until 8. Okay, 9.
Walk and talk nights with my friends.  We've only done this a couple times but it is keeping me sane this summer.  I'm looking forward to another one this week already.

2) Anything that makes more work for me later like:
Going barefoot in the grass- I love that feeling. Actually barefeet anywhere- I don't like wearing shoes in the summer...but I always wear slippers around the house.  But then my feet get all rough and I *need* a pedicure.

3) Special treats reserved for not everyday (but that sometimes turn into everyday because summer)
I love hot dogs. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't but homemade hamburgers just aren't as fun to roast on a fire.
Sparkling fruit drink at night with a bowl of cherries.  This normally would be wine or beer and chips, but I'm changing things up.

Does this mean I have to change my blog name?! Two of things previously loved by me are now untouched, gathering dust on my shelves.  Clearly I'm talking about my shoes gathering dust, not the wine. Those bottles were taken care of long ago.
What would I even rename this thing?
I could go back to A View from the Park.

Anyway, off track. My bad.

4) Random things that bring me joy but I have a tad bit of guilt
I love and appreciate air conditioning but I also equally love and appreciate the cooling down of temperatures at night.  That fresh breeze when you open the windows and the chill in the air for sleeping.  I love cuddling up under the covers and pretending I'm sleeping under the stars.  I never had air conditioning growing up and I feel bad feeling like I don't need it.

New agendas, school supplies and the promise of routine.  While I lavish in every last minute of summer vacay, just knowing I have structure and routine around the corner makes me giddy with excitement.  I was telling Abbie over coffee the other day, feeling weird, that I actually loved planning my curriculum for the semester- something about crossing off the to-dos that brings me so much joy.  But then I start feeling guilty about not enjoying summer....

We live on 5 acres and now that this place is not my forever home, our yard to-do list has be obliterated.  But I have enjoyed doing the odd project around the immediate backyard to prettify it....there are so many cozy corners in the yard that I'm trying to enjoy them all and I like it when things are pretty, but then I feel like its a waste of time because I only have one more summer in this yard.

Totally curious to hear what your guilty pleasures are!

Now hop on over to beautiful Andrea's blog to see what she came up with for her guilty pleasures.

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