July in Numbers and Questions

by - August 07, 2017

What we did last year: July 2016 in numbers

This year's July was a rollercoaster with a little bit of everything----here's the low down of what I accomplished:

Picked, ate and enjoyed 12 litres, 3 gallons, I dunno, a whole bunch of strawberries from our yard.

Read on the deck, in the living room, in the bath, in my bed.....while I do give myself 1 good hour minimum of reading time each day, I didn't get through many books in July.  I only read A Year of Pleasures, the Thirteenth Tale and A Rome Affair.  I'll review all my reads at the end of the month.

1 circus attended that had our 5 monkeys giggling and 3 big kids in awe over the tight rope walkers. We also had 1 clown with us when Dan got called up to take part in the clowning around...he even made the news.

1 deck and boardwalk built around a pool that was brought back to life.  We should have done this 2 years ago.  Big thanks to Dan's parents who put us to work...great memories!

1 visit from my Grandpa...it's always so special to see him playing cards with my kids.

20398858 morning swims, 102973pq98234 afternoon swims and 19023802834 evening swims.  Seriously- it has been so hot out and with the lack of bugs, everything is so much more enjoyable.

 1 night that had me consuming too much wine with my friends (we all live in the same loop and did a day event with our families- brunch at Candace's...swim at mine in the afternoon and then supper and bonfire at Jenna's.  It was a blast and I over-indulged and have thusly quit consuming fun beverages. Kinda.

2 days camping at Candle Lake...but then it got stormy so we ended up packing up early and heading to Dan's parents' place to pick 12 litres of Saskatoon Berries (which will turn into delicious things)

At least 100 pictures on my phone of colour combos and sidings and textures and kitchens that I like.  I'll have to give a house update soon.  I love the blue in this one with the brick

Peas, Peas, Peas, Peas...I lost count. So much that I was begging people to come pick a wheelbarrow full.  It took a good 2 hours to pick it all and then there's the shelling and blanching and freezing on top. Good thing we have the trusty pea-sheller that Dan's family built when he was a kid.

 1 Trip to Calgary where I tried really hard to get a nice picture of us and instead I ended up with 52 goofy Willis pictures.

We hung out with 2 of our fave people: Uncle Rob and Aunty Jen, also getting in a visit with Christy and her 2 boys and running into a blog reader- hi, Reagan!

July also had me still working on translating my Math 8 course to french....I think I did an additional 30 hours and am glad to do nothing now.  I did get all my kids' school supplies as well for a total of 82$.

To finish off, I'm going to play along with my TBB sisters and answer some fun questions:

1.  Growing up I would have said lake, but now 100% pool. Oceans are pretty to look at, but I don't like salt water.
2. I loved camping as a kid and always thought I'd have a cottage...but 38 year old Deena is hotel.
3. I don't like ice cream.
Okay. I like it.  But I don't crave it and maybe eat it 3 times a year. Alright, I had ice cream three times this week but we were on vacay. 
4. Birthday suit or underwear...I don't like how clothing twists and turns on me at night.
5. Normally I'd say Corona or Beer and Clam but I broke up with alcohol to cut calories so now I say Diet A&W Rootbeer.
6. Cold. I love getting cozy under a blanket.
7. Flip Flops.
8. Shorts.
9. I love the sun, mostly because I like getting really hot then jumping in the pool. 
10. Water
11. Cherries and peas from the garden
12. BOTH!
13. Walk...not really anywhere to bike on our country roads.
14. Both are fun!
15. I love my garden and wish it was even bigger!
16. Nada. I don't like crowds, but I did enjoy Jazz Fest this year.
17.  Hot dogs are my favourite- I could eat them everyday.  I know. Yuck.
18. Indoors because normally we have lots of bugs, but lately patio because the bugs are hopefully all dead.
19. My Aunt's house in Vernon, B.C...love the road trip through the mountains- and also the company.
20. nada. Crowds and creepy people.
21. On the rocks
22. purple freezies
23. Can I have both- especially if it's on the BBQ

If you're looking for the link up for the questions, it will be on the Blended Blog post ....this link up will be for my Month in numbers, but really its all the same so YAYAYAYAY...have a great Monday. And check out what my TBB sisters had for answers today too!

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