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Last time I updated on our build, I think in April, we were just in the process of doing the plans and I showed a bunch of house plans I was using as inspiration.  Sadly that was one of my last posts using Wordpress and then I switched back to Blogger and lost that post. Sigh.  So I start anew.

Work and preparation for the new home on the 60 acre woods comes and goes and the one thing that is a constant fixture is my obsession with Houzz.'s a little update on where we're at:

Since March

  • We purchased 66 acres of agriculture land.  It is paid for and the land titles are in our name.
  • I submitted the development permit for a house and it was approved.
  • I lined up a contractor who will do the driveway, water line, sewage.
  • Had a surveyor go in and do a topographic map of the area
  • I researched best options for water (sask water or dig a well)- turns out the well water quality isn't awesome so we went with Sask water.  None of the houses around us have a line, so we have to trench in a line a good *lotsa* meters (I can't remember how far but I think it's at last 1 km) so that we can have water. ....anyway...not cheap to do. Around 50k. 
  • Applications for Power and Energy have been submitted.
  • We figured out where we are going to place the house.  This was difficult because the lot is huge, but you have to watch the bordering properties - didn't want to get too close in case they turned it into a subdivision or something.  The lot is kinda L shaped so we found a perfect little area that is treed and hilly and that is in the middle of the property so that we use more of it.

  • Dan mapped out where we were to put a driveway that best used the space.  We went back and forth soooo many times on the positioning of this driveway...mostly just to make sure we best use the land in case someone wants to build on the front 10 acres.
  • Driveway has been put in and I LOVE IT!

  • Our realtor surprised us with a beautiful sign for the entry of our property.


  • The plans are pretty much done.  We're using the same builder who built our current house.  Here's a sneak peek of the exterior:

Things that are next up on my to-do list for the next couple months

  • Figure out exterior colours, finish and windows.  I don't really know what colour, but I do know that I like contrasts...lighter finish with darker windows or darker exterior with white windows. Voici a couple examples of what I like:

  • Once house plans are finalized I have to apply for a building permit.
  • Water line to be installed
So really, right now, not too much is being done until we finalize the plans.  Our builder hopes to dig in September and get the basement/concrete in before winter.   I'm going to spending a lot of time in the next month just looking at things and figuring out what I want for finishing.

Have a great weekend!

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