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I would say that we picked the best way to end summer with a bang - our annual girls' weekend away. 
Howdy if you're stopping over from Puppies & Pretties or The Blended Blog as we're talking ways to celebrate the end of summer, and for the regular readers, then you know this is my jam and I can't wait to share with you what I've learned from our 12 (or 13th?) annual girls' trip.

1) Finding your jam...your groove...your thing.

Admittedly, when we first started doing these trips we spent more time out partying than we did shopping. But we were also just starting our careers and had that crazy youthful vibe to us. Also, we were in our early 20s, so we could party all night.  We would spend maybe 100$ each shopping and stayed at cheap hotels.  (And we would have bought the Young and Powerful top from H&M then, but now we're more the "Old and Anxious" ones).  But it quickly became clear to us what we needed and that was some serious girl time, with girls who happen to like to shop.  Carmen has dubbed this weekend "second Christmas" and with the amount that is spent between all 6 of us, it might as well be.
What we've discovered though is that every girl squad is different, but once you find your jam and you start doing the things you love together, then the weekends like this become something you need, something you crave...something that makes you tick.
I'm grateful to have a gaggle of women whom I feel comfortable enough around to be 100% me.

2) Laughter

Our suite sounded like a teenage sleepover know the one where your mom comes in like 100 times telling you to quiet down and get to bed.  We wouldn't even need to go to the gym because of all the abs done while laughing.  To be clear, we don't do situps and laugh at each other, but rather laugh so hard that our cheeks hurt from smiling and our stomachs are tight from bending over in a giggle fit.  Unless you're like Alynne this year who actually went to the gym this year before any of us were up.  It actually sounded like a good idea after the fact.  Hmmmm...maybe next year.

3) Feeling like you are going to be okay

I don't know about you but sometimes I really feel like I'm the only one who loses it on the kids over the stupidest things.  Maybe it's "endofsummeritis" and my kids are turning into monsters...but I haven't had an ounce of patience with them and have been in extreme irritability mode. Hanging out with the girls, who also happen to be moms brings me back down to reality.  Everyone struggles, everyone has their moments they wish they could erase and by sharing them, laughing at them and learning from them with your peers you really do feel like you got this.  And guess what, you always do.
These weekends have turned into major therapy sessions for most of us where we talk out every and anything that needs talking...most times over wine and beer and face masks.
Whatever works, right?

4) Learning a new thing or two

You can't not be around women and not learn something..and I did try to make a list of things this weekend but completely forgot.  I really enjoyed being bossy Deena and making them try on different maybe someday Alynne will learn she can rock the pencil skirt.  I also learned that she is the new shoe queen....and that I can endure country music...that Sara is really good at budgeting and saving for these trips...and Carmen tries to teach us how to do braids, but we can never figure it out.

Also, I find that for me, being the one that is usually planning things and instigating shenanigans, that it's nice to just sit back and absorb who my tribe is.  I love watching, listening and bantering with my friends as it makes me understand (and love) who they are as people too.

5) Stepping out of your life is essential once and awhile.

It feels good to leave everything behind and go responsibility-less...Kinda like taking that bra off after a long day?  The husbands are capable and sometimes we need to leave in order to remind people how essential our services are in their life.  It feels good to be missed by the family.  It feels even better to come home to a little girl who was jumping with glee the minute she saw me and a boy who really wanted to hug me but waited until no one was around.
But also, taking a break for a bit makes me come back in full force, ready to take on the chaos of school and sport and life start up that are right around the corner.

I'm glad we decided to go on our girls' trip this past weekend and I really think it was great timing for a breather before life gets nuts again.

And that is how I ended summer in style.  You can also pop over to my BFF's blog to see her take on the weekend and make sure you hop over to Alison's blog to see her take on ending summer.

I should also put a plug in for our monthly #TBBASKS question series...please play along with us on Monday of next week with the link up.

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