Back to School tips

by - August 10, 2017

After August Long is when I typically start thinking about the potential return to school, so I thought I'd share some of my tips that I've picked up along the way to help with school readiness.

1- Get school supplies early

I can't handle the picked over mess that stores become, not to mention the mad rush and crowds frantically getting the supplies last minute.  I like going mid-July while the memories of the school year are still in the back of my mind and better yet, the aisles are empty and the stock is full.

2- Back to school outfit

My favourite part of the end of summer was going to get that one new outfit that would be my school picture ensemble for the year.  It seemed to always be from Sears.  I don't know about you, but my kids are growing like weeds, so I have to wait until the very last minute for this one.  Yesterday I showed the back to school outfit I picked for myself.

3- Document your summer memories

This will be new to me, typically my blog is where I document that what we dids.  This year I'm going to make one of those cute little albums with the Instagram pictures I took that (hopefully) represents what we did.  If it works out, I will delve back into years of the past and make some albums for all the documenting I missed.

4- Score some you time

It's okay to admit that the kids are driving you batty and you're about ready to hug any teacher that you meet.  I schedule two weeks of summer camps, one in July and one in August and they always seem to fall right when I'm needing a break.  This post is being composed on said sanity break while my kids are at sports camp.

5- Bring back routine

Mid August I start to introduce routine back into our diets.  Earlier bedtimes, less free time, more piano playing and structure.  That way that first week back is a less of a shock to everybody involved.

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