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I have spent my whole life going back to school and this year will be the first time in a long time that I don't get to witness the first day jitters for those cute grade 9s as they cautiously find their spots in the giant world of high school.  

Normally I would pick out a new outfit for that first day and I figured that even if I'm not a classroom teacher anymore, I should still have something to wear on the first day back to school.
Even if that's still a month away. 
Love saying that.

And because I don't have to dress professionally, I decided to pick 3 trends for my outfit.....and while I don't absolutely love this outfit, I must admit it is insanely comfortable and will work well for my first day back at school, shuttling the kids to and from activities.


Trend numéro 1- the off the shoulder top.  Confession- I hate them.  Wait.  I love baring my shoulders and definitely feel sexy wearing it, but they always slide up and never stay where I want them.  I got this top for 6 pounds at Primark when I was in Scotland.  It's super stretchy and comfy!

The pants is trend numéro deux...being the wide leg version.  I got these at Marks & Spencer in London and LOVE THEM!  


And lastly are the slides which I ordered from Hautelook during a weak moment.  I've really been trying to buy less shoes...but they were calling my name and were so pretty.  Also, I have to say they are quite comfy.

So there you have it, my back to school casual comfy and trendy outfit.  Come back tomorrow and I'll share some random back to school tips. 

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