The Going-ons of our Summer

by - July 27, 2017

I'm afraid if I don't document where we're at, then this month will have been forgotten.  To be honest, only this week am I feeling in relax, summer mode.  I have finished my cyber translations and my to-dos (for the most part) and I have faced my grief and found peace.

So in random update style, I'll give you a little look at how we've been biding our time:

1) Exploring the 60 acres woods- a house update is a post in itself and I'll save that for the next couple weeks.  But here's a picture of the tall grass we explore now with walkie-talkies so the kids can go build forts in secret places.

2) Family time at Candle Lake.  Ma & Pa and Kyla and her fam have side by side spots for the week so we decided to crash the party for a couple nights.  Turns out Rob and Jen had the same idea.  Sadly, the weather wasn't awesome and we tented through a wicked thunderstorm, only lasting the one night and instead spending a night at Dan's parents for a quick visit and Saskatoon berry picking.

3) Rob and Jen decided to spend a day and a night with us to shorten their drive home-- that was a real treat!

4) Baking of the berries.  I did 3 different pies and have a wackload to turn into jam- along with the cherries that we got from our harvest.  Speaking of harvest- our peas have been insane, so insane that we inherited the SimairSheller *tm....that Dan and his family created to deal with their plethora of peas growing up.  I loved seeing Dan put this together with Willis and show him how it worked.

 5) Summer day and night with friends.  We have two good family friends living in the same loop as us out here and so we decided to spend the day together.  Candace had us over for brunch and then we had a little afternoon rest at our own homes and then we proceeded to walk over to Jenna's for a BBQ, hottub, bonfire and fun.  Well, turns out it was too much fun for me and the wine and beer went down way too easily.  Next thing you know I had to much and even was hungover.  I like my wine and beer, but only at the rate of one per night.  Not 8.  So needless to say, I am no longer ever drinking.  Easy way to cut calories.  It was a great night though and I can't wait to do it again.

6) Speaking of summer nights, I have just started to relax and unwind....I took a night swim tonight and just sat and watched the sunset.  Next up is cuddling up with my book and finally get back into reading.

6) Actually, I went for a  float for a reason- my freaking foot and leg and hand are all swollen after horsefly bites. Seriously hurts. My entire foot is hot and I can't stand too long.  The pool help immensely.

I haven't been this swollen since I was prego with Willis 10 years ago....let me remind you how I morphed into Fiona the summer of 2007...

Yuck.  That was the worst feeling ever- stupid moldable feet.  But 10 years ago...which reminds me, I have an almost ten year old that I need to celebrate.

Have a great weekend!

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Have a lovely day!