Christmas in July!


I am so very glad that Whitney got us organized to do a Christmas in July exchange.  They are always so fun to do, especially after spending more time with these fun ladies and actually getting to know them. Makes gift sending way easier!

I received a gift from the biggest ray of sunshine there is, Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine.  I kid you not, she is the most genuinely kinda and gracious person I have ever met- there needs to be more people like Andrea in this world and I wish she lived closer.
So naturally, the present was super thoughtful and the details were done to perfection....I'll let you take a look to see what I received:

And if you feel like watching me doing the unboxing, I decided to keep up with my random video edits and make a quick video.

Thank you for the beautiful presents, Andrea... I feel so lucky to have met you.

Now head over to Shelly's blog to see what I sent her!

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