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I'm still working through my outfits from the trip to England and Scotland in May....I definitely lost steam when summer hit.  But I'm back....with a less than impressive outfit.

Here's the thing- I love the wide leg pant trend that I saw all over London, so I picked up these fun wide leg capris.  The problem is that I'm short and stout and these look way better on someone tall and slender.  Like how Andrea rocked these wide let pants. Ah well.  Speaking of Andrea, come back tomorrow and I'll share something special she sent me.

Second problem is the colours- I have problems working with blues and blacks and therefore played with a lot of different tops, trying to find the best one.

This is what I came up with:

In the end my favourite is the flowy denim top as I find all the other ones make me look boxier than I already am.  

I'm thinking these will look great with a blazer in the fall for back to work.  We shall see.
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