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by - June 26, 2017

Today I am writing with hope as we enter (finally) on the last week of school.  Hope for a relaxing summer filled with many more memories.  Hope that the pool can be fixed today, you'll have to stay tuned for news on that.  But also hope that we can just sit back and relax for awhile and just be....

So keeping with the theme that the girls are posting on the Blended Blog today "Summer Photos Tips"- I thought I would join in the fun but swing it to be more my favourite summer photos and tips on how to make the most of it.  

1- Spend time with family and drink the beer. Screw calorie counting.

2- Float.  We won't be making a trip to my happy place this summer but I can still float in other lakes.  And trust me, I will.

3- Enjoy nature and all the colours that come alive.

4- Breathe in that fresh air...typically I love that mountain air in the summer and I hope I can squeeze a trip in when we head to Calgary to visit the bestie and brother.

5- Campfires!  I honestly can't say there's any other way I'd want to spend a summer night than around a campfire.

6- Read.  Or read and float, which is also possibly another favourite activity.

7-  Eat straight from the garden.

8- Make memories with friends.  I love that we go camping with our friends every year- it's crazy to see how much these kids have already grown up together.

9- Pick those strawberries and eat them too.  In a pie, in a crumble, in a shortcake, on crepes, on pancakes, by the handful.

10-  Play outdoors with your kids and don't take life too seriously.  Lighten up a bit.

11- Get dirty and careless.  Don't wear makeup or comb your hair.   Take a break from vanity.

12- Road trips!  I love summer road many fun things to see along the way.

13-  I especially love summer road trips that lead me to my bestie.  It doesn't feel like summer if I don't get out to see her.

14- Leisurely breakfasts with hand-picked fruits from the yard.  

15- Enjoy every serene moment that nature gives you.  Shut off that phone and get outside!

Yup, I am most certainly very excited to take a break and really unwind this summer.  What are you most looking forward to?

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Have a lovely day!