by - June 23, 2017

ha.  This should be entitled: Reflections no more.  The pool went down with the wind and I'm still a grouch.

The before and after

 So I could focus on the grouchy stuff, but instead I need to realign myself and concentrate on the good. Because hidden in that crazy mess- there is mostly beauty.  It's just hard to concentrate on it when your vision is clouded, isn't it?

1)  A healthy Lucia.  She came down with a weird virus that had her out for a bit.  I'm pretty sure it was fifths' disease with the way the rashes were.  It only really took her out one day and then she bounced back.  So yay for that.

2) Time with friends:  I seriously start to notice if I haven't seen my friends in awhile..I get grumpy and start craving ceasars and shrimp.  Luckily I have the opportunity to see them often, whether it's monthly with our Splurge group or at random birthday parties where Sara makes us dress up as Trolls.

Okay, busted, we really stole them from our kids.

3)  The winding down of sports.  Although, I gotta say I have LOVED witnessing their growth in their respective sports.  Lucia can hit the ball, hustle and field like her mother.  She doesn't quite have the confidence yet.  It'll come.  Willis is shining at baseball and I was lucky to witness him hit a walk off 3 run homerun to win a playoff game this week. 

We're finally moving into our last week of school- I can't wait to have these munchkins at home with me.

Also, we get possession of our land next week so yayayayayay for being able to start building things.

Have a great weekend.

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Have a lovely day!