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Lucia turns 7

My girl turned 7 today and her 365 day countdown finally came to an end.  I swear she's been looking forward to her bday since June 11th, 2016.  She went to bed the night before giddy and woke up just as joyful to finally be 7.   As per her request, the night was spent with her cousins for a sleepover and it just made sense to me to have them there with us to celebrate our Lucia.

Lucia, my light.  
To know Lucia is to understand her compassion for everybody.  From the bully in the classroom to the adult she barely knows; Lucia will reach out to anyone.  She has genuine concern for people being left out and does not like seeing people's feelings hurt.
To know Lucia is to get how one minute she can be a giggly mess, wearing her heart on her sleeve and then suddenly break out in anger.  Lucia is fiesty and to be feared; her emotions ready to burst at the seams.

Lucia likes to feel special, but will never admit it.  She enjoys attention in a meek manner and her pride in her work is always visible in her eyes.  To be honest with you, Lucia doesn't have one skillset  or talent that shines more than another..she dabbles but I can't say she has found her passion yet.  But really, who has?  What I can say about her is that she has pure enthusiasm for everything she does.  Except putting her laundry away.

Lucia loves her friends.  She is a little social butterfly who can command a room but also can sit back and let someone else take control.  The minute she gets home from school, she is wanting to run over to Amelia's and anytime anything exciting happens at home she wants to Facetime her cousins.  At school, her teachers often comment that everyone is friends with Lucia.  The girl will reach out to anyone, I tell ya.

Lucia has an equally big part in her heart for her family, who she happens to see quite often.  We are so fortunate that the uncles/jens/nicoles that live out of town make the effort to come home for the special days and that the aunts and uncles who live in Saskatoon are present in her life.  This bond with her family is one that she cherishes and I sincerely hope that continues.  It is important for her to have these great role models active in her world.  She also loves her grandparents and I'm sure would go live with them if she could.

Lucia's birthday weekend was a busy one, but also a special one as she got to also celebrate her Great-Grandpa's 89th birthday.   She had her sleepover with her cousins and woke to cartoons, then she made us pancakes.   When it was present time, she obviously was thrilled...her birthday list this year consisted of: a couch, fashion glasses, shopkins, hatchimal, a we got her the bunny.
When she opened the stuffed animal, the ladybug home then finally the bunny cage with all the supplies- she was super confused.  Why a cage, mom? I don't have a bunny.  When Willis explained that we were going to pick the bunny out she immediately went high pitched and tears welled up in those beautiful brown eyes.

So we picked out a bunny and then the day was spent partying.  She invited her entire class of 18, but only about half came.  I was hoping for outdoor activity, but it was chilly, so they randomly jumped on the trampoline/bouncy castle and then I brought in a face painter/glitter tattoo doer and we had some fun with that.

After her friends left, we filled the house with our family and celebrated some more.

Spot got tons of attention and cuddles and finally made the move down to her room after we got home from their year end piano recital.  Needless to say, everyone is exhausted and will need the week to recoup from the going-ons.  Bunny included

To know Lucia is to whole-heartedly love her, because you can't help not fall in love with that quirky heart, caring personality and goofy smile of a wonderful little girl. 

To love Lucia is to have my heart walk around outside me.  To cuddle her every night is a privilege that I cherish.  To have her in our world is an absolute blessing every single day. 

Happy 7th Birthday, my sweet
-from the ones who loved you first.


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