Glasgow 1: Deena the explorer

by - June 01, 2017

It was my last day to explore Scotland before I start the journey home.  Today I find myself in Glasgow and I gave myself a day here so I could see some sights.  Glasgow kinda was unimpressive after being in Edinburgh...I haven't seen anything breathtaking yet.  Also, while I'm admitting things, I have to say, I like traveling alone- it's a nice break from being on all day, taking care of the kids. But as nice is it to roam free, I do find it a little lonely with no one to talk to.  So I plug in my earphones and listened to a book as I walked about.

The morning was spent exploring the shopping mile which was absolutely beautiful.  Okay, that was breathtaking in its own way.  Except I bought nothing.   I love when streets are cobblestoned and there are no cars allowed.  So many pretty things.  After the shops I had a late lunch at the hotel and finished my book.

My goal today was to visit the Bluebellgray storeroom- as you know I love their stuff, so I thought seeing where it comes from would be wonderful.  Their design shop was a little off the beaten path, so I hopped on the hop on, hop off bus which would bring me close by, and also teach me things.  It was a wee bit rainy out, but I stilled stayed up top for good views.

There were a lot of very beautiful buildings along the way- I should have stopped at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, but honestly, at that point- I was so tired and toured out that I just wanted to sit.

I had to walk around 15 minutes to find the BlueBellGray storefront and again, like every park around here it was lush and beautiful.  I am becoming such a country girl; I am drawn to the open air, green and is so beautiful here.  Anyway, I found the shop, you have to be buzzed in and I was lucky because  they were preparing for tomorrow's sample sale and they let me go pick from there.  I got one of a kind curtains (for my future closet) and some fabric for Kyla and I so we can refinish Grams' chairs.  I could have stayed in there forever and was fun chatting with the three friendly Scots, including one of the designers who handpicked something for Kyla based on her BlueBellGray bedspread.

After that adventure, I hopped back on the bus and finished the loop, getting dropped back off at the hotel.

I got takeaway from a burrito place by the hotel and now it's time to pack up, do some cyber and get some sleep before I head to Toronto tomorrow.

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Have a lovely day!