Beating the heat this summer


Current status of pool: still not repaired.
My mood: aggravated/irritated/annoyed.

I have come to realize that I don't like when things are out of my control.  I want my pool fixed but don't have the madskillz to make it happen.  The guy who is supposed to fix my pool is clearly too busy to return my texts, and I'm not even being annoying. Yet.  I have since brought in another company to get it going and with fingers crossed- this will be the week that all the stars are aligned and we can finally bring on summer.

Because having a pool but not water in it makes me sad and the thought of it not working at all makes me sadder.  And thusly, I have decided to hop on the Blended Blog's Hop Wagon to talk about ways that I plan on Beating the Heat this case of no pool.

1) Try something new: If I had a lake in my backyard and a paddle board, I would be out on it every day.  There's nothing more exhilarating than trying a new summer time sport, even if said sport is drinking beer and clam on the deck like a champ.  Other summer sports I would like to give a go: water balloon throwing, napping and jogging more often.

2) Enjoy a hike in the shade:  Find a wooded area, a friend and take off into nature.  Luckily trees provide ample shade and can be a beautiful place to play around with photography. Or just goof off with a friend.

3) Find a lake, jump in:  On a hot, hot day we are quick to jump in the car and head to any of the beautiful lakes in Saskatchewan.  My favourite thing to do is jumping in from the boat and just floating.  But then the fish start to creep me out and I get out as quickly as I got in.

4) Make something in the kitchen:  Do some baking with that wonderful summer produce...that is assuming you have conditioning because cooking on a hot day is no fun.  I can't wait until our strawberries start producing- which should be this week already!

5) Go for a boat ride: cool breezes and beautiful views are a perfect way to cool you can always jump in if you get too hot.

6) Ice cream!  No explanation needed.

7) Treats on the deck: grab some shade and a book and pour yourself a liquid treat- my fave in the summer is a beer (specifically Kokanee) and clam.  Yum, yum. yum!

My list may seem random, but so am I. Our summer isn't long, so we definitely have to do all the things to get that "ready for fall" feeling that hits in September.  
Now hop on over to my bestie's blog and see what she recommends for beating the heat.  I will be surprised if she doesn't mention beer and clam at least once.

Link up your ways to beat the heat with us today!

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