The legs of the race

by - May 17, 2017

If you want to see what I've been wearing lately, you'll have to hop over to the Blended Blog as we share our outfit recreations.  Check out the post here to see whose style I have been copying this week and look slightly put together, but in all reality, I didn't actually wear any of the outfits that I'll be posting for the next 3 Wednesdays.  Instead I staged 3 photo shoots because I have been doing this:

That's a live action shot taken by Lucia of me, frantically trying everything in my closet on for my upcoming trips.  That's trying everything on and hating it all. Why does that happen? N.B- that's not my hot pink tutu on the floor- that's Lucia's. She wanted to have fun too.

So in a period of one day, my two trips that I had planned for this month got schmerged (totally a word now) into one bigass trip that has left me learning how to pack.  I have never been away from home for more than 2 weeks before.  And while I may have been initially stressed with the new plans because of all the things that needed to thought, say, Willis' passport being expired...once I got over the mad-dash to pack and prepare, I actually realized that I am excited for this trip.   Let me explain them:

Leg 1 of the race: Deena goes to Toronto to meet with her Blended Blog friends.  6 I have met before (we did Vegas last year) and 4 I will be meeting in real life for the first time.  First date jitters happening for me and I'm sure for most of them too.  You will have to follow along on Instagram for our adventures and I guarantee there will be tons of recaps coming your way.

Leg 2 of the race: Family time in London- the kids' first overseas trip and I am SO EXCITED to show them everything.  Things I have planned for them: The Royal Mews, Buckingham, the Lion King, Wicked, Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor tour.   Uncle Joshy will be there with us (although I really wish Nicole was coming instead too) so we're also very much looking forward to some cuddle time with him.  There are a million other things we'll do as well and you can bet I will be nightly blogging (which is an afternoon post for you) like I have on all my trips.

Leg 3 of the race: Family time in Scotland- this one has been planned for ages as it's my brother and Jen's honeymoon.  That's right, you read that right.  They invited both families up for the first week in Scotland and 92% are coming: Jen's parents, her twin, her brother, my parents and me.  Plus Dan and the kids for a weekend.  My parents and Robbifer will be continuing on for an extended Highlands tour and then the newlyweds head to France for awhile for some alone time.  I am so excited to see my parents experience Scotland for the first time but also for my kids to be a part of some of it.  We have some great tours booked and I can't wait for the many pints in the pubs.

Leg 4 of the race: Deena journeys home but gets some time alone to explore Glasgow (hunt down the Bluebell Gray Flagship) and just enjoy adventuring solo.  I also get to overnight in Toronto, so I'm taking my favourite prego to a Blue Jays' game....then it's home.

So the blog is going to be more of a travel journal for the next couple weeks, I hope you don't mind.  I am ready to take a break from life and see the world and just breathe in the beauty of nature.
Oh, and the pints of tennants.  Yum.

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