London 4: The Lion King got Stomped

by - May 25, 2017

We had another busy day visiting all the McDonalds of London.  Seriously, if I have to eat there again I am going to lose my marbles.  I know, I know, I'm the adult that pays for the food, but the kids think everything here tastes weird.  Luckily, they have fruit with the Happy Meals?  We found a quaint corner to eat our lunch today, mostly because we didn't wake up until 10 and didn't get rolling until 1130 again.  Slackers.

Instead of cabbing to our matinee, we walked.  I have learned that Willis likes to know where we're going and I have no clue what I'm I've started just making things up.  Lucia is a little more laid back and it's kinda cute that she can tell when I'm either stressed or upset and will quickly take my hand and either give my arm a kiss or squeeze my hand twice for our secret sign language for I love you.  Navigating busy streets with oodles of people and a drunken Siri is sometimes a little much.

Luckily we found our spot today with fewer offroad adventures than yesterday and we even had time to meander down little alleys to find fun places to take random pictures.  This was before locating our theatre and Willis was getting a little stressed. He was concerned we'd be late and not be able to find the theatre, so to make him happy, we located theatre, then went on an adventure.

Can someone remind me that I really really really want to see the Harry Potter play and go to the Harry Potter Studio at Warner Brother's here?? I keep forgetting and then when I saw the actual place where the play plays, I almost tried to sneak inside.

On our pre-matinee adventure we stopped for a treat (espresso for me) and also stopped at the original Hardy's to pick up some treats for the show and also some presents for their classmates and teachers.

Then we ended up in Leicester Square where we found a cozy piece of grass in the shade (it's been super hot here) and they very gleefully played Pokémon while I snapped pictures and people watched.  They were freaking the freak out because they found some Pokémon that you can only get in Europe...Mr. Mike? I'd ask, but they are snoring next to me.

Finally it was time for Stomp and holy man, they giggled and smiled and laughed the whole way through.  We picked Stomp because Willis will be creating instruments in school next week, so we thought we'd give him some inspiration.  He kept telling me how much he loved it.  Not gonna lie, so did I.

After Stomp we walked 10 minutes in some direction to find Dan for supper before we saw Lion King.  Yup, 2 in one day. All the exposure to the arts all at once.  I hope it leaves them wanting more.  Although, Willis said he didn't really like Lion King (WHAT?!) because he couldn't understand anything.  Lucia kept whispering in Dan's ear, telling him what was going on.

Another super day with my super little travellers.  I really love having them along with me and kinda wish they were doing the whole Scotland week.  They are super pumped to hop a train tomorrow and journey over to Edinburgh and I'm ready for a change in scenery too....get me out of the crowds and into nature!

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Have a lovely day!