London 3: it was Wicked

by - May 24, 2017

I was toying with not posting tonight, but then Christy texted me and told me she likes my posts and that I'm a good storyteller, so today's post is running purely on my love for my true blue friend.  Now let me tell you a little story about my day.....

Dear Diary,

I woke up early 8:30 to get caught up on some cyber while the kids slept and it was heavenly.  I think that's one of my favourite things about being over here- I can be up at 8 and everyone at home is asleep, so I get a ton of work done.  The kids finally woke up around 9:45  and I enjoyed an espresso while they watched a cartoon.  "Even the cartoons sound British!"- says the monkeys.

We didn't get rolling until noon after meeting Dad for lunch and our goal was to do something, then head to our matinee of Wicked.  When I say "do something" what I really mean is find a Marks & Spencer and explore.

The kids gave me 30 minutes and I managed to find a very British inspired top, pants and dress..I am super excited to wear them and dress British.  Remember how last trip I felt out of place and unfashiony? Ha. Well not this time. was time for Wicked. I was sooooo excited for them to see their first real musical.  Willis bopped his head to the music, commenting on how the singers were very strong and Lucia asked a million questions then told me Elphelba would have to take a very long bath.

We had crappy seats and the people behind us talked the whole thing, so we ended up moving. I wish we could have been sitting right up and centre to get the full effect....but they were being whiney and ungrateful so then I was happy we were in the nosebleeds.   I do not want to have spoiled brats, if I'm being honest with you- that is one of my biggest fears.  So we're working on not getting the smackdown from mom...and their gratitude. There's a problem for you: how do you do fun things for your kids and still teach them gratitude and humility?

After that we went for a walk to Harrod's to check out the Toy Kingdom while we waited for Uncle Josh and Dan to join us.  Siri got us lost a couple of times and Willis freaked out because I didn't know where I was going and then they started fighting in the middle of the street and I had to stop and not lose my cool in public.  That was funn't.   We solved it though, journeyed through the Embassy houses, and finally we made it to Harrod's.

Lucia wanted me to include these pictures because they were her favourite part of the walk.

Finally we made it to Harrod's...which is like a FAO Schwartz in NYC.  We spent a whole hour  in the Toy Kingdom and they tried every single game.   They also picked up some cool presents for their cousins.  No, Kyla...a giant bear will not arrive at your door.   Sorry, Addy. 

We finished our night with Afternoon Tea for Lucy- which may be my favourite part of being in London.  I need to have a spot of tea more often.  Actually, I think my diet will only consist of espresso and tea from now on.....I'm barely hungry when I'm here.

I snuck away when there was 30 minutes left in mall hours so that I could run downstairs to the makeup section.  Harrod's is a freaking maze, so it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but I located the Dior counter and the lady touched up my makeup and sold me on a few products.  I then had to locate Dan, Josh and the kids...who'd a thunk it would be so hard to find each other.
Dan- Hey Deena, are you by the gold ferrari?
Me- Ummmmm no.
*walks a little
Me- I found it
Dan- Wait there
*waits a little
Dan- That's not a Ferrari.
Ha. Jokes on me. What are the chances we'd both be by gold cars. For the record, mine was a Bentley.

It's nearing 10:30 and Josh has the kids in his room doing the 7 minute workout twice...because apparently we workout at 1030 at night.  Part of Dan's theory on accustomizing (I don't think that's a word, but let's roll with it) children to time zones has them staying up late and sleeping in late so that they're not as crazy when they get home.  Whatevs.  I'm just enjoying my goblet of wine and reading my drama novel.

Good night, friends!

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Have a lovely day!