London 2: Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge

by - May 23, 2017

That 6:45 am alarm came much to suddenly this morning.  In retrospect, I should have given us 2 days to adjust to time here, who knew that on Day 2 the kids would still be asking for sleep.  Regardless, they got up and were ready for our day trip to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge.

First up was Windsor Castle, the weekend residence of the Queen.  I really think Lucia didn't believe Queens existed up until today.  A Queen was classified as a mythical creature along with unicorns and the Gruffalo until I had to explain to her that she did in fact exist, that she lived in this castle and that she reminds us every day of Grams.  So then that sent her on a frenzy of questions of -is this where she comes into her house too? and -does she mind having all these people around? was kinda cute.

They weren't as into the castle as I was...and we had to do a lot of talking as we walked through the State Apartment and the Doll House area...I loved how ornate the place was.  Actually, I think the part that interested them the most was the big portraits from the days of yore.  They had lots of questions about how long they had to stand in the same position to be painted and if they could pee.

I wish you could take pictures inside the palace, but you couldn't.  I would have liked to remember the gold room with the majestic chandeliers.  Ah well.  Levitating Lucia is ready to move on.   

Onto Bath.

I got the kids a little more engaged on their visit to the Ancient Roman Baths, we talked a lot about how the Romans were around during the time of Jesus and that this is where they went to have their communal bath.  Lucia was intrigued by the paintings of naked ladies but they were more bothered by the murky green waters that they couldn't touch because of the level of toxins (ancient lead pipes)

I could have stayed in the town square of Bath all day- not because there was oodles of shopping, but because it was so quaint and picturesque.  Okay, busted, because of the oodles of shopping.   I loved that all the streets were pedestrian and the stores were fantastic.

Lucia and Willis were thrilled when I let them hunt down the mysterious ancient roman Pokemon while I browsed the 'museum' of Marks & Spencer.  So many pretty things that I wanted, but I was too lazy to try anything on.  How about that umbrella street?!

We found tons of fun places to take photographs and I was happy to see they were still indulging me..  Even if it meant they got to pick their poses.... 

I even taught Willis how to use my camera.  Should maybe do my hair someday.....

Last stop was the one I was most looking forward to: Stonehenge.  And it sure didn't disappoint.  It was nice to be outside after being in the bus.  But first I had to explain the concept of how long ago 3000 B.C was and what a timeline was and why there's a year 0 and why there is stuff before that.  Yup, just my grade 9 social curriculum to an almost 7 year old who kept spinning her fidget spinner and an almost 10 year old who was just pretending to listen to be nice.

We were impressed with how close you actually get to the big rocks and all 2 of us used the audio guide to learn things.  The other Monkey decided to pretend to make important phone calls. 

Stonehenge, for me, was one of those 'take your breathe away' type of monuments and I'm happy we went.  It was also nice being out of the city and taking in the English countryside- definitely a site to see.

It was a long day, leaving at 8:30 and returning around 7:30 but well worth it.  The tour was with Golden Tours - our guide was was tough hearing things in a big bus, but I still learned things.  I think the kids could tell you something they learned too...but they are now snug in our bed and looking forward to a nice sleep in tomorrow.  I'm hoping for less overtired and annoying.....

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