I'm back to blogger


So I've officially switched back to blogger (if that means anything to you) and things are almost back to order.  I lost my past couple posts, which make me sad because I was documenting house stuff.
And things look very different, but I'm happy to be back to a system I understand and that I can be creative in.

Wordpress was much too confusing.

My goal for March was simplicity and it has carried over into April and May and I have been loving the balance I have been getting.  One of the biggest changes was time spent blogging and putting into other things like fitness, reading, time with husband.  So that lead to me switching back to blogger where it was simpler in my eyes and made me not feel pressured to do the "right" blogger things.

Here we are, I'll be back with a post on my goals for this year (which luckily I started in blogger and didn't lose in the shuffle)

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