Edinburgh 5: Being a Sassenach

by - May 31, 2017

Where to begin on this incredible day? Honeslty, I wasn't overly looking forward to this tour- the Outlander tour.  In my head it was just going to be a bunch of visits to random walls and trees and fake rocks that they used as a set.  I was kinda feeling bad for the other 6 in our group of 9 who have never even watched the show/read the books.  But alas, today was the complete opposite and was probably my favourite day of all.  I think it may be as because we were out of the busy city and in the county.

Stop one was Lallybroch, or MidHope Castle, built in the 1500s on a random farm.  We wandered the property and tried to peak into the closed up, decrepit old castle.  The grounds were beautiful and the birds were plentiful.  There was even a turkey wandering around.  And no, I'm not referring to my brother.

Stop 2 was Fort Williams (Randall's headquarters/site of Jamie's whipping) or Blackness Castle.  This was an awesome stop too because we actually got to go everywhere in the castle and we had it to ourselves.  It was built in the shape of a ship in the 1500s and was later turned into a munitions place.

Not only was this trip an Outlander site's trip, but it was a great history perspective on the Jacobite's and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Stop numero three was the cute town of Linlithgow, to visit an old palace which was actually the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and was the set for Wentworth Prison.  

It also happened to have a beautiful square with some cute restaurants and we were able to enjoy a couple toasties (sandwiches) and an Iron Brew (Scottish Orange Crush)

The hallway Claire walks down looking for the prison cells
 The stop prochain was at Callendar House so we could see a huge estate and where they filmed the scene with the Duke of Sandringham being beheaded in the Georgian kitchen.  The museum on site was less than interesting to me, but the grounds were insanely beautiful.  We enjoyed a good 30 minute walk in the sunshine through meandering paths in the woods and around ponds.

Next up was the little 17th century village of Culross in the Kingdom of Fife...doesn't that  name just make you want to live there?  We found Claire's herb garden here as well as Geillis Duncan's house and the area where the boy was nailed in the ear to the stake.  

We might also have found coffee and cake here....oh and mom modeled one of the tops I got her.

geillis' house

Finalement it was Hopetoun House which is a giant estate with impressive grounds.  We saw the Duk of Sandringham's house, the bedroom for Claire and Jamie and various outdoor scenes which were shot there.  But mostly we wandered the property and I got a million ideas of things we could do on our 60 acres.

I found myself wishing my little family and my sister and her little family were here today as so much of the day was spent just exploring outside, away from the crowds.  More and more I am seeing that those are my favourite settings.  

The rest of the night was spent travelling to Glasgow alone via train.  The journey home starts soon...no longer a Sassenach i will be.

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Have a lovely day!