Edinburgh 4: Queens for the day

by - May 30, 2017

I will tell the tale of my day backwards today, mostly because my pictures loaded into the post that way and I'm too lazy to reorganize them.

It's an accidental early to bed to me- brother had booked us 7:00 tickets for the Mary's Close tour but only figured out at 6:45 that he actually had booked them for tomorrow night.  So I headed back to the hotel and decided to get my packing done, cyber correcting while watching Outlander.  Seems appropriate as tomorrow is our Outlander tour.


Our supper was really an afternoon tea at the Calendonian (Waldorf Astoria) which was the most filling and delicious thing ever.  It doesn't look like much, but we were right full by the end.  The trays had two courses of desserts, scones and adorable little sandwiches, along with tea of course.

Our afternoon was spent shopping in the New Town after we had separated from the men.  I wanted to get mom a UK-inspired outfit as her Mother's Day present and she settled on a cool pair of denim shorts and a couple fun tops from Marks & Spencer.  I also made her try on this jumpsuit...I totally think she could pull it off!

Me, I found a beautiful watercolour top that reminds me of my fave Glasgow designer, Bluebell Grey and I can't wait to check out their store this week.

Mother and Daughters shopping adventure.

My quest is to eat all the millionaire's shortbread: it is my favourite treat. FYI. That was random, but whatevs.

Our early afternoon was spent exploring the Edinburgh castle and holy smokes, it was so busy....people everywhere, line ups galore, but it sure was magestic.

Our original plans for today were pushed until Saturday with my dad and Rob being under the weather.  So we improvised and took on the Old Town and it gave me a chance to treat my ma like a queen.  Another lovely day in the books.

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Have a lovely day!